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e/l treat¡ofcontraEl. Neitherdo I thuscharge youwith any obediencebut in the Lord : for ifhe fhouldrëquire any fuchthing ofyou,as fhould caufe you to departfromChrift,I would haue you in any caferemember that you are principally efpoured vnco Chrift. And herein alfo youmolt confider,that therewill be fpeciall graces of obedience andmodefte and godlmeffa loo- ked for of you : not onely in refpebtof yourgood education,butaltobecaufe ofthat helpe which isnow offered vnto you. And when the holyGholt in hisScriptures teller' you, thatthe beleeuing wifemay (through hisblefling) winne thevnbeleeuing husband,if fo belhr walke chriftianly ingodly conuerfation with modeflie and feare before him : let thisincoárageyou to hopefor better fucceffe,by all meanesofdealingtowards one that is faithfull,and I croftwill bewillinginallgood things to comfort you. Nowthirdly,in that you are taught tobeleeue inGod the holyGhoft, it admonifheth you to pray forhis teaching,that you may by himbe led into all rrut't,andfurther inftru- eked and drawne veto eueryChriftian dotre,from timeto time. The dutiesare very many to be gatheredout ofevery article,as alto outof the feuerallCommandements : but I will onely give you a tafte, and touch onely foineone dune, required of youin euery one of them. Inthat you beleeue that there is an vniueefall Church and communionof Saints, Tbecommu- you mullbe diligent to approue your felues one toeachother,thatyou areparts& mem- nion ofsaintr. bets thereof: and further,tloegraces that Godhatls bellowed uponeither ofyou,mutt be common inthevie thereofto each other : fo agaíhe you muttfùftainetheinfirmities one ofanother. Finally,you muttprovoke and ftirre vp one another, that your faith may bee ltrengthened, and yourfelues comforted againft all other griefes, by the alfuranceyou !hall hauewrought inyou concerningthe forgíuenesof finnes, wherein your happines cloth confift : as alto in the hope ofthe refurreáron of your bodies,andthe continual' me- ditation of eternal' life. We will come nowtotheCommaundementa : and firft for the firft commaundement, The firft ram- which required) all fpirituall feruice ofyou that is duevoto the Lord, that you ftedfaltly mándement beleeue in him,loue him with all yourhearts, andwith feare and reuerence tocall vpon his naine,in allthings giuing thanks,asfohim whichis the authorand giuer ofeuery good and pctfeiib gift vnto you. You mußt snake theprofit ofthis commandement, that ifyou willlooke in truth of heart to be faithful', louing,and dutiful( oneto theother,thefegra- cesmutt fpring from theother, as being thefountaine andwel-fpringofall lifeand truth unto them. For contrariwife,if youbevnmindfull ofGod, beewill notfuller youto finde thebenefits of truthone by the other. The fecund Commaundement,which required' of you toworfhip Godafter thetrue reredid cum- manner,that heappoynteth inhis word,teacheth you thusmuch, that you mutt nourifh mandemenr. your loue in this eihate,by thepraáifeof things wherebyhe is worthipped and honoured that loue ofvs: namely,by hearing and reading of his holy word,andby the vieofthe Sacraments. orbit' breeder For Malone that isftirred vp andnourilhed by this meanes,ismolt pureandwill longeft bygodly endurewhenfiefhl loue oonevanifhethandvadethawa . mngellendu > Y the Thethf endure. In the third Commandemenq as you aretrailed with di glorie of God : fo you are Therhirdiom- charged(brother)that youabufenot hisname,ifyoube faithful vino the Lord,in reeking mandement. hisglorie and the aduancement of his truth,andofthe kingdome of Iefus Chrift,prefer- ring it in allthings as isrnerte ; then furely will the Lord blelfe you, and pro/per your wates : but ifyou fillawayand (fide intoany herefie,andfo difhonour hisMaieftie ; then will Godcertainly plagueyou inhiswrath,and he will make thatwhichyoudeliretohaue greateft comfort in,turneinto a cuelevpon you. And I would haue you remember to this end,lsowGod the Lord dealt with wickedA,snrznsb, who for the prophaningof Gods glorie and worfhip,had theheartof hiswife drawnefrom him, and foto hisgreat reproch becamea notoriouswhore. So likewifemy filler, thatyou difhonournot God, as being a meanes of withdrawing yourhusbands heartfrom the duties of his calling, but nourifh-, ing faithand a good confcienceinall thingswith him: towillthe Lordfor hisowne names fake biefíeyou together. For you all finde it truewhich he bath fpoken: Them that ho- rsam.;.3s. cour me refillhonottnand them that defpi femefhallbe de fpifed Rutbeware (Ifay)that yougiste nooccaion offallingaway,or backllidingvntoyour Imsband,leaftGodalto bringfhamo upon 155 i