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treatileofcontraEl. 157 embrace hisfeare,andwalke inhis waies,hewill bleffeyouaswell inbearing of children, as mother his anifoId graceswhich hehath inl'coreto beflow vpon you. Hcrcaim Imull'by the wayadmon ifhyouofone otherthing,which I hadforgotten be- fore,and that is this ç your lode mullfprmg from thatreuerence and feare that you mint yeeldvoto your husband : for true loue isnuxt asit were with tbefctwo: and this is afpc- True ciall dude,and often repeated in the Scripture,that the wifemutt feare the husband. So that you fee filler, thatyou mull not Tooke tohaue your husband aç your beckefor your lone : but you mutt render due beneuolence vnto each other. For as the bodieache lilac- band is not bis owne,buthis wines.: fo is not the womans herowne,but her husbands; for they are both one flcfli,as the Scripture dothteach. - Now,ifany doe obiebt,that this is the tvay tobring women into bondage, and to beas drudges to their husban ds,ifthey fhonld inthis manner be fitbieá veto them. No,no,it is notfo, but the moll readielt way toprocure vnto themfelucsgraee ,peaceofconfçience, andmore fweete libertie , whilelt theyhue inobedience to God, and lüs holyordinances. And therefore the fpirit ofGod admoniiheth all women, that they bec not afraideof any filch vaineterror. Now further my brother andfiler, that you may keepe your bodies pure and chafie, onefor the other,Iwould counfcll you to bewareof being alone with any, when thereis feare oftemptation onto euill: but be carefull,thatyou may altvaieshaue witneíièof your Chriflian beliauiour : and inkeeping companie conuenient, chufevnth your felfefuck as bemuff lober and faithfull. wcll,altlìougli therebe many more duties, yetT will content myfelfe to gotone thing fureher,that is,that as you leeke for continuance and increafe of loue,fo you takeheede of iealoufie : for although thattrue loue is veryearned, and ntixt reatoafe. with godlyiealoufie; yet there is a wicked iealourre, andthat mnueth canicies Intuitions, which worketh great woe vnto fuels as gitie credit voto thou. Take heede thereforemy brother and fitterofthis,yea though there should fcense to befome faftcaufe, yet gluenot too fpeedie credit vino diem. Now,ifyon delire toknow inyour lrearr,wlricls are ongod- ly fiilpitions, know thesis by thistoken : for they Will make youmore negligent in pray- Nate. ing one for another,and snore llacke inperformingall other duties of loue one to ano- ther. In theeight Commaundementyou are charged (brother) to vie all lawful meanes to Theeight cnm- prouidc for the maintenanceofyour wifeinhonelt elate : elfewere !9a worfeOp an In- mandement. fidell. But I chargeyou to take beede,leatt throughdiftrul{ in the providenceofGoé{, you makefhipwracke ofagood eonfcience,vfiig any vni ft or vnlawfull mcanes. And you (fitter)are commaunded to be agood hufivite,and tó keepe thofe things together Which youhane,and fo increafe thein,as you mayfrom amine torime behelpful votoothers. For ifyou lhould continue and Wale things vnprofrmly, you fhould grieue and trouble the imnde of your husband, who ought tobe eared- ofthat care by you. And further, die MouldpleafeGod to call tidierof you to suffer perfecution in time oftriall, the weaker muttfor the Lords taufe:giue place to the.ltronger, anddefire the Lord to gluegreater drength :forwemull labourfor grace,that wee may bewilling for the Gofpell,to forlake all things whatfoeuer weliane. Out oldie ninthCommando-PentIwill Oneyou thisrule, that neither ofyou blaze a- Theniuth com- broade the infirmitiesofeachother : it is agreat enemie topureloue. But if there beneed inandemeat. ofcoonfell and helpe in anymatter,then chufea faithful friend with conferir, that may plan andwifh bean indifferent fudgebetwixt you. And againe,inany cafe telitlre truths one to assotiser: ocasoiaYofea for it is a thin diligent! to be regarded in thereour daies when asmen and womenare the in 'r rzrics ° d ly g 1 osteofanother. fofull ofpolicies and Yùbali fetches, that cistre is almoll no fimplicitie to bee found in any. In the haft Commandement,whichconcerneth wickedmotions and thoughts,although The toothcam. therebee no confent giuenvino them,youare to confiderthat your nature will neuer bee rnandemest. freed fromdiem in this life : therefore you must prepare to prayer,and otherheaucnly ex- ercifesof faith,to ftriue continually againdchem. ThusI will end,befecching God for Chrift lelàsfalse to glue you ofhis fpirit,that may P teach