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11treatiféofthe Sabhoth. or could beconuenient either in refpeet ofourcalling,or theplaceswhere we dwell, twice to meerecurrywecke day,asit is yet vfed,thougb moreof cufome and fafhion, them in faith andof confcience inmolt places, it were nothing but equal(. For looke what pro- Tbetitheofour portion is from fix daiesto the feuenth, thefaine maybe gathered from nine , or rather rime to beat tweluehomes toche tenth : whereby the titheat theleaf may be affoorded for the Lord. foordedfar Andherein isthe onely differencebetweene the fixedaiesandthe feuenth, that the wor- fhipofGodmutt inthefix daiesbe viedatfuch feafons,as in wifedom are fofeparated and diuidedto thatende, without anyhinderanceofour lawfull and necelfarie callings , as is doch nottake vpthe principali , butfhredsandouerplusof our vocation : but on the fe- uenthday wemull makefuch a feparation fromother daies,thatwhat weedidbut in parr, in theweeke, or working daies,we maydoe in whole on the feuenth and Sabboch day. True itis, that thisequine of twice meeting eueryday, ismore conuenient for Cities and populoustownes, wheremanydwell together, then in otherplaces and fituations, which for difance of place havenot thecongregation fo dwellingtogether. Heereour common diftin&ion of calling the weeke daies working daies, and the Sabbath daies holy daies takech away their friuolousaffertion who thinke that eue- xor dry rie day fhould beeourSabboth day, asthoughwe Mould confound -and fhufle together asabborb, ourworkingdaies and refingdaies. Nowif the permifion ofclic fixe daies appertaineto vs, is not thefanetifying of the Sabbothday altocommaundedto vs ? And if thofe things bee permitted vs, which con- cerne our'calline ; are not much more thofe things commaunded, which refpe&our fan&ifìcation? Wherefore if any fay, the commaundement is ceremonial(, sway not the fame fay the permiflion is ceremoniall? For who fo afrmech the one, mayaffirme the other: but both falfely. If wee fhould adinitre thefe daies were to be refrained in fome refpe tees, and for formefpeciall caufcs, wee affirme this refrainingmuff bee for a time, but not continual! : and that when the reafons of the exceptions fhoulde ceafe, then theexceptions themfelues fhould ceafeelfò. But (Owe will fay: What will younot allowefame day of ref for humbling and falling, or allowing force daies for humbling? will you not alloweone alto for thankfgiuing and reioycing ? To this I an- Fat=%t & fwere,chat concerning falling whenthere is a fpeciall needeofa dayappointed, this is no commaundement of man,or of the Church,but of God himfelfe, whoas he hash laid vponvs theneede of theremedie : fohatlr he elk commaunded vs to vfe the remedie. And asfor thedayofreioycing,I think.itmaybeeput on theSabboth,whichwemake our daiesof thanklgiuingForas the Iewes vfedthe Sabbochasa daytoreméber with thankf- giuingtheir creation:fowe mayvfethatday for athankefullremembrance ofour redemp- tion,becaufein in wemaymeditate ofallthofe benefits,which our Sauior Chrif byhisna- tiuitie, circumcifion, paflion,refurreaioti andafcenîon, teach purchafed for vs.Butif any manobsell, that tIsis is coo niggardly andfparingly,becaafeas God is extraordinariein mercie, fowe fhouldbeextraordinarieinthankefgiuing. I grant that ChrifianMagi- francsmay for neceffárieoccafion, in wifedomeof the fpiric, alterthetimes, andappointe force feafons for thatpurpofe : fo it bedone for a while, and continue not as perpetuall: for in fixedaies, as wetaught before,we muff chiefelylabour in ourcallings, and bellow Tome part oftimes inGod hisworfhip : and on the Sabboth daywe muffcliiefely wasteon Go (Ipis worfhip, and bellow no time on other things but vponneceffitie, becaufe we are °or common. no kffe charged on theSabbothtoworfhipGod,thenweare*pertnitted on the other daies ded. to followour ordinariecallings. Nowlet vs proceede tothe thirdreafon, taken from thelawgiuer,orauthor ofthecoin- inaundements.For it thusfolloweth,Exod.a o.verf.6.Burrhefexenthdayit the Sabbathofthe Lord thy God,ere. This argument weknow tobevied feuerallyin the three precepts go- The;. reafon. ing before. In thefirf it goeth before the commaundement : in the fecondit commeth af- ter:in the third it is snore neerely adioyned. And hereit is called the LordsSabbath: which prouech that therefore it muf bee wholly (pent vpon the Lord. Nowe were it ceremo- nial!, then it fhould followe that there were but nine commaundementes, teeing, (Dent. 4.. rq.) Motes alfìrmeth, that the couenant which the Lord dommaunded his people