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166 t treatife ofthe Sabboth. ifthe sabboth people to doe , we tenne commaundemementes : where.we fee , that not the Church, bee theo'wr4 butthe worde of Goa fetteth downe this computation . And albeitthe ceremonies be feue but i, alfothe commaundetnentes of the Lord, neuertheleffe weetnuft wifely diflinguifh be.. tommande- tweenetheone andthe other. The commandementeswereimmediatly giuenout by the ménte. Buthe Lordhimfelfe, theceremonies weregiuen immediately, to Mofes from the Lorde: but gauetenne: mediately from; God to his peopleby theminitterieof Mofes. Forit isfaide,Dentero.s. Ergo thesob- .22. Theft werdetthe Lord fpakeunto allyour multitude in themount out of the middefi of both es not ce remonpalL the fire,-theclosides, and the darknefe with a great voyce, and added no more thereto. In Kate. which place the man of God fpeakethof the tenne coimnaundetnentes, which a little The difference before hehad repeated, as theywerepuhlifhed , generally toallby the Lorde himfelfe, cetweenieoe wlrichthereforeare perpetual ]. to allpeople , nations and languages , not onely tothe tens es and Iewes but altoto theGentiles. Theceremonies aswe know were notvniuerfall but the tensecorn- ,.. .+ J mandernents. beginningwith the Ìewesthey ended with them : neyther were they perpetuall, but in Chritthis commingwereabrogated. This difference isyetmoreplainely letdowne,Deu. tero.4. r 3.14. Then the Lord declareduntoyouhis couenant , which he eommaandedyou to doe, euentbctenneCommaundementes, and wrote them opon two tables offlone. And the Lordcommaunded methefame time, that I Jbould teach you ordinances and bares , whichye /boteld obferuein theland, whitheryegoetopofefeit. WhereMop/ tnaketha(lacdifference Ordinances of tholelattes, which God gene inhis ownepetiots, and themwhich were giuen ehat theyfig_ hisminifterie. By thisword ordinanees, which isin thisverfe, areugnified,as route uf- nifie, firme, chore lawes, whereby the 'Iewessliddiffer fromother people. Titusweelee howe Moles wasthe minifterof the ceremonial' lawe, which wasglues but votoCome, and la- , fted but for a feafon : butthemoral] 'awe, which apppertainethto all men , and it is in vertueforcues , the Lord himfelfedidgiueit forth . Noweaswe aunfwere the Paptftes .indefending againitthem the fecondprecept as movall, and not ceremonial] : fo we like- wifertandagainftthem in this. Forlooketahat frrayingand vnftaicd mindes were in the Iewes concerning the worfhippe of God, thefame allo is in vs by nature: andwhat helps Soeuer they needed therein, eytherto be put in mindeof their creation, or to the view- ing ofGodhis workes, or facriheing to the Lord; thefameareasneedfull for vsto helps vsin ourfacrifices : forweeneede a perfearule aswell as the Imes, topreferue vs front idolatrieand herefie.. Againe, f eeingwee haste asgreat neede of afolenine time forthere Tbeceflof the 'things, wherein weemay giucour fettles Iahollyto hearing, praying, and receiuing of sabbathar theSacramentes,asthey had for their worfilippe:Ive arefubiec4to as great diltrae ions needfuuforvs of mind in ourcallin s as they were, and btiiìg with them of a finite nature can no as fer the g y s a ' Zeroes. more then they doe infinitethings t is as requifite for vs asfor them tohaueá lawe, as ,well forthe time, asfor the manner of.worfluppe: wherein laying afide our ordinarie workes, wee fhould chiefelyandprincipally whe;ly give our felues to thofe exercifes of Religion,and duetieoof loue,whichonly inpart wee di before,and 16 snore freely efpie ourfinnes paft , efchue our finnesprelent, aid ffrengthen our felues againft theLunes to come. Wherefore to fhutvp this argument, ivre ofrtneagaintt the wicked heretikes bf our time, that fo longaswe (land ii.neede of corporal'means, asmeare, drinke,ap- parrell, and fleepe, for thecontinuing of our corporalleftate : fo long wefhallalfo need the fpirituallmeanes, astheword; the Sacrantentesand prayerforthecontinuingof our foules. And as it is not ceremonial) forth.f confiderations to vie thcfè tneanes : foit is moralltó banea time commanded and ohferued,whercinthefe thingsfhould bepraegifed. Itreniainethtofpeakeof thefourth and lafl reafon,drawnefrom the proportion ofGod The4.reafon, his'owneexample,asinayappeareintberewords, f ZeGex s madethebeaten andearth,tbefea (Jall that inthem is,and reliedthefeuenth day: therefore the owneexanpie. Lordblefedthe Sabbathday andhallowedit. Whereinwe haue thusmuch in effect, as the Lorde made the creatures in fixe dames fowee in fixe lhoulde bane a naturalt vfe of them. And ashe fanbtified, that is, put apart the leuenth dayto hisowne worfhippe ,and bleffed it with a peculiarbidinggiuen tohis worfhipappointed : to we ado fitting this day apartfrom theordinarie workcs of our calling, fhouldwholly. and onely confettate it to the worfhippe ofGod. So that as God made all thinges m fixe daies : fo wee may