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treatifeofthe Sabboth. 167 may vfethem fixe daies, ásAdam didin the garden:and asthe Lord reftedfrom hisworks Of creation, though not fromhis worke of prouidence and adminiftration ; form& we fet apartthis day, toTooke fora fppecial Meiling &fpeciall benedie3ionofGod his worfhip, becaufe of his owne promifeand initiation. Whydid the Lordthis to our firft fáther ?Gdgauea he beheldthe workes of euerie day, andbleffed euerie day ? Wemuff note, that hegaue jp¢ciatl btef afpeciall blefiogabout the otherdales, vntothis day . Nowtherefore admit that a man ling tothe fhould grauncthismuchto an heretike, that we should bee as perfect as Adam in his Sabboth day.; innocencie: (which is a manifeft herefre) yet theylnuft graunt, that we floodin need of the word and Sacramentes , !icing Adam had needeof the vfe ofall thefe thinges, beingyet without finne. Weethereforeoppofe thus muchvntothem,thatfolongasthey will acknowledge a neede of corporallhelpes,by calling .formeato, Ilerpe, apparrell : fo long theirfoules Rand inneede offpirituall meanest' as of the worde, Sacramentes and prayer, becaufe their foulesmuft as well be preferued , as their bodies nourifhed : Our firftfather then had a Sabboth tobeput inmmdc of the Creator , and that without di- ftrabtion he mightthebetter be put in minds-of the glorious kingdome to come, that more freelyhe mightgiue himfelfe to meditation, and that he might the better.glorife God in fixe daies. As theheretikes then deniethe necellitie of the word, prayer and Sa- traments : fo welooke for a newheauen,anda newearth,and thenwehope and acknow- ledge, that wefhall keepea continuall Sabboth. But themeanetime , feeingthe Sab- bothwhich wenow haue,was beforefinne,wefinte finnecame into the world, hauemuch more needeof it , becaufé that which was needefull to continueAdam in innocencie, is altoas needful! to recouer vs, andto continuevs inour recouerie. The Lord thenha- uingfanetified this day, it is not ourday,but the Lordhis owne day. But Somewillfay : How? is God better ferued on the Sabboth, then on any other obieEíion. day? I anfwere, notthat weput religion inthatday, asit is aday, more then in any o- ther : butthat on thatdayweeare freerfrom diftrad§ions,and fet atmore libertie to the worihippingof God, thenweare on theother fixe daies, wherein we are bound to our ordinarieand lawfullcalling. Whereforeas weputnoholineffeinthe creatures ofwater, bread and winein the Sacraments ; butacknowledge all inward grace to proceede from God hisblef lingand inflitution : fowe promifevnto ourfelues on theLord hisday agrea- ter blefling,not for any thing in theday it felfecbut by reafonofGod hisowne ordinance, andpromifeofa bleffng to the fame, And as wedenienot a blef ling from the Lord on privateprayer, readingandconference, butacknowledge a greater blefling to bee due 70000 euen by the Lord hisownepromife, to theft exercifes publike in comparifon of the o- ther : fowee densenotthegrace ofGodtobe vpon thofe houres redeemed fromourout- warde callings, and confecratedto the Lord: but confeffe a morefpeciall blefbng from God tobelong to that wholeday, which theLord bath taken vp to himfelfe alone, and that for his ownepromifefakevnto allthem,whichcome with fimpleheartes to obey his holy commaundement. Nowhawing gone through thofe reafons, whichproue the Sabboth day to be moral!, Answer¢ to the andthat this commaundemcnt isno leffe to beobferued, then theother nine : before wee reafons tbvt enterinto the expofitionufthe law it felfe,it Thalbe conuenient tomeetwith fuchreafons, by finiteare as forne tornbeing to preiudice the trueth of that, which hatb been alreadie fpoken: brocmta- which being done, by,God hisgrace we willcome to the other. The reafons against the ga n¡tthesab. Sebboth maybriefely be reduced into fuch,as eitherferne to bedrawne out oftheexpreflé both. words of the Scriptures: or elkby fomeconfequence robegatheredfromthe Scriptures. The argumentsborowed from thewritten word, areeither out ofthe olde Testament, or out of the new : theywhich arecontained inthe olde,aretaken eitheroafof the !awe, or ,,obutof tke out of theProphets. Out of the!awe, they snake much adoe aboutthatwhich is written, o1dr.oe¡tamoit. Exod.3 1.13.54. t 5. t6.t 7.wheretheLord faith thusvnto Mofes : Speake than veto the childrenof / frael,andfay,Noteeithflandingbeepeye mySabbaths: farit is a figne betiveeneme andvon inyourgenerations, thatye mayknowthat the Lord doe fanîbifie you. re Jhall there- forékeepe the Sabboth:forit isholyvetoyao: he thatdefileth it, Jha!! die. the death : therefore whofoeoer worketh therein, the fame perfon Jhal bee men cot of from amont his people. Sixe