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168 eitreat1/4cf the Sabboth. Sixe daiesfhdllmenwerk!,butin the feteenthday istheSabbath of the holy refi to the Lord: whofoeucrcloth any works in theSabboth day,fhalldie the death. Wherefore the children of If_ raelfhall keepe the SSbbotb, that they may obferue thereft throughout their generations for ane- tterlaftin couenant. It isItfzgne betweéne me and thechildrenoflfrael forewer :for infixeelates the Lord made thé heauen and the earth , and in the feuenth day hoe ceafed and rolled. Out of chefe words theyfnatch there three reafons. Firlt they triumph before the con- queft, andfay, it is manifeft that it'is a ligne : and thereforeas they pleafe to _conclude, it isa figure. True itis,diatitisherecalledafrgne,verfi3 howbeit this is nogood reafon, that feeingthe Sabboth is a ligne, therefore it is a figure orfhadowe. For although euerie figure and lhadowebeaigoe,yeteuerie ligne iront suety f :gne is a figureordhadow. A figure forefheweth a truetli afterwardsto be reueáled : a fltadowe nota figureor betokeneth abodiehereaftertobeexhibited: buta ligne ás it Bothfometimes lignifie á Jhadoweao thing afterwards to be looked for 5. boit loth fonretimes afirevs ofa thing alreadie per- before. formed. Thefigure ceafethwhen the trueth commcth: there is:novieof thefhadow when the bodìeisprefènr: but the ligneand the tiring figuifiedmay be ioyned together, and bothof .chenrfèrueforaprefenevie. Againe,they gather out ofthe r6.verfeofthcdrap- ter,tvhichweehamin hand,wlereitis faid,7bechildren ofIfreel Jhallhcepethe Sabboth,that they mayobferuethe reft through theirgenerationsforan euerlaftingcouenant: thatibecaule the rsIrooro things Sabboth of God is his couenantfor.eúcr, that is,:vntill Chrút, it is ceremonial!. True it maratt andce- is that the !aweadmitteththis. hrafeof f eechfundtietines,tofay for ewer, that is, on- rema;mall. r F p f tdlCliriít,incahomallthingsarefulfitled. But wemuítobfenre this generall rule as our guide, when wewill knowwhat figures and ceremonies rodeinCirrilt, and what moral! precepts belong voto vs. %Whenathingis vrged tothe Iewes,and bath a peculiar reafon madeproperly tothe lcwe,and appertained] nothing tothe Chriltian; then asitbegunne Natewell. with the Iewes, as they were Iewes, itceafed with the Iower : but when the reafonof the r tiring vrged is not peculiar to theJeves, but alfo belonged] to the Chriftians; then the thing cómafided is notproper to theIew, but cómon to tire Iew &Gentile.Wperfore let vs fquareout the reafon by the line ofthis generalrule.It is here added,v.r7.For infixdaies theLordmade theheauen middle earth,andin thefeuenthday heceafed.and rolled. Where if it had beenelaide, they (hallobferuethe reft for an euerlaiting couenaunt, becaufe they were brought out of Egypt,I would Issue granted it tohaue beene peculiarto the Iewes: but teeing this is the reafon, the Lordrefíed, which iscommon, not to the pofteritieof A- braliamalone,butto the wholepofteritie cf Actano, the COIllillaundement mull be gratin- tedgenerali both tolew and Gentile. Forit is a eommoninftruótion to all men ni all ages to labourfix daies, wherinthe Lordmade theheauen & the earth,& to teak from labour the feuenthday, becaufe in it the Lord rotted. The plaine fenfetirenof this place is brifly this,asif tire Lord(horrid lay: I orado tisis law sss the beginning oftheworld,&it fhallait to theend ofthewodd:I made it to Adssnu r hofat her ()fall generations, & it (hai endure to the lait ofall his pofterity frógencració togenetaub:I made thislacre to cafemy felfeafter mygreat painstake in thé creatingdaleworld in fix daies,&you Thal keep it to cafeyour minds,whichare fraught acids many dfltraétions,,by reafoncf your ordinariecallings in thofedaies.Neither wouldThane anytochinke,that the Lord had neede daisy refreflung, How God is who beinginfinite,cannot be fubieet todiftraftionsor weariness but wemull know,that ¡aid to Oaf w heectheLord is faut,that herefrefhed him(èlf,bytakingviewofhis creatures he cómen- ter the creatz- dettehis louétovs ward,in fliewingrather what ought tobe in vs thê what was inhim.For on. luthalacnt(e and diligenceIlionldwevfe in our callings, aswe mould be glad when the Lords day commetti, that in it we(hall recoverour felues i and rafe our mincies of thole dihtra6lions, which Kitchen vs inour 'outwardcalling, and fo refrefh our (elues with fpi- rituall pieafif es in thepureworlfhip of God, and thankefuil belroldingofhis workes.We feeirow tilde reafomns makerather flatlywith vs,tlsen agarisl't vs. And thus much for their proofes out oldie prefcriptwords of thelawe :'now let vsconfider what theymileage out of the Prophets. Thefeeondob- Theitreatòns out of the Pro hetsbetakeneitheroutofEfay ,oroutofEaechiel.Outof iefttoaozzt op Lfay,they vìc thereplaces, Efai. 56. r.a. and58. i 3. á.f. and 46.r 3. Tire wordes of the the: to,shen, Prophet,