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1$7, trot; o, f the Sabboth. The third rea. Thethird reafon,Colo1T.2.t 6. Let no man condemns you inmeate and drinke, or inrefyeil fn efanholyday,orofthenewmoone,orofthe Sabbathdaies, t7. which are come:bat the bodie is in ChrsJJ. This is alfo vnderltoode of the Iewifh d thngmQsing of meates and daies. For the Colothans were troubledwithfalfe Apoftles,as were the Ga- lathians. And what is the reafon that they were fo encombred withIewifh obferuations? Forfooth the religion of Chriftians,whichrather confifteth 'ofpure fuisplicitie than pom- pouslolemnitie,hachbut the word barely preached,theSacraments without vaineflames adminiftred,prayers inhumilicie offered : and thereforeit feemeth not fopohfhed, fo glo-. rious,and fo garndhed,as theIewifh religion, which did draw the greater part of men af. ter it. Thus our fathers feeing the lewithreligionfovernifhed ,and the Gentiles religion fopompous,and Chriftianreligion full offimplicitie, drew the Gentilesfrom the fimpli- eitieof Chriltianifnne, and brought in thisheapeofceremonies. Wherefore herePaultel loththem,thattheíe things were but inftruétions for a time,andpedagogicall : andthere -. fore didnot foappertainvoto them,asthey fhould neede totrouble thérrconfciences a- bout them,though theyobferued them not. Let noman condemneyou, faith the Apoftle,in fuchIewilh ceresnonies,asfor thenot obferuing of themthey thould countyounoChri- ftians. Here is the famedriftofthematter, whichi'asofthe former :here the Apottlede- fcendethfromgeneralsto particulars, therehe afcendeth from particulars to generals.Lee no man condemnyou in refefofan boleday, which was an affonarie: for eightdayes (nog did the feaftsoftle Iewes laft : oroftheSabboth daies, bee faith not oftlieSabboth : forbee meanetis chafeSabboths,which were appertenances oftlie former holiedaies,not that ho- lie Sabboth which was common to the Iewes, with all other the people of God. And whereas in the former part of the verfe it is Paid; Ler no man condemn you in meuteand drink!, he fheweth, that the Ieweshadcertaine bealts and birds vncleane,and drink-offe- rings,which were forbidden them,howbeit untoChriltiansall things are pure. Butfonsewill fay ïwhat neede we nowto fait, whowill cenfurevs? Ianfwere,the Lora himfelfe. For albeitwee that areChriltians, arenot tobecharged asthe Iewes were, with onefpeciall day : yetas theIewes,with all Godhis people,didhuusble themfelues before the Lord,eitherfor theremouing oftome judgement which prefentlydid lievpon them, or forthepreuéting oftome perils which weretowards them,or for the obtaining of Tome grace,which they wanted,and yet without all obferuations of dates ;: wemutt Coyne with them.And therefore whofoeuer refufetlsthe exercifeofhumbling cipher privately orpub. likely,tlie-fame is to becontrolled by the word. If anybee commaunded publikely by the b1ite f Mágiitrate,whether thecaufe be iuft *ornet iuft,we are to obey : if the cattle be haft, it is commanded by not the cmmnandementoftheMagiltrate,but ofGod, and whofo breakeththis,is furety the .ádagi- to be condemned. Thefimilitudehere annexed oftheApoftle. is very fit: foras theskit /trates,mnJl be full painter fitíi portraiteth, andCheri painteth with frefh and liueLy colours, thatwhich Simile. beforemorerudelyand obleurely. hee did frameandfafhion with a Mackecoale:lb thee rudimentsmoredarkly did reprefent that whichnow islively defcribed vetovs,the truth ofall things inCbrift. The bodte isChrifl: asif hee lhould fay, ye haue received Chrift,and theahings whichhebathprefcribed : and thoughyehauenot the Sabboths,andholydaies of the lewes,yethaueye thetrue Sabboth,andpureholy day, which Chritt bath leftvita you. Here then theApoftleis fo farrefronabrogating of theSabboth, thathee makethno . mention nor includethany meaningnhereof,in therewords. And thus much for:therea- fons,whichthey thinke theybaue gotten out acheepifiles Of S.Pcud. Tbeinterpre- Nowlet vs confiderof that placc,whichis Indic Tittle to theHebrues,chap,4.verfi. taeion of For wee whichhaue beleeaed,doe enter into refi,ashee [aid tothe other, As ]ham[come inmy Hebrnes4. wrath,IfdieyJhallenter intomy ref although the workeswerefinithed from the foundational' the world. y,Far hefpahe in a Certaineplaceofthefeteenth day on this cif ,AndGod didre. fi the feuenth day fromall his worh'es. S. And in this place agáine, If thev,Jhall. enter into my.reff. 6.Seeing therefore it remaineth that [orne muff enter thereinto, and they tó.whom it was frff preached,;entred not therein for vnbeleefesfake. 7. Again, hee appeyntea inDasid a certaine - dayby Today, afterfo long a time, faying,as it islaid, This day ifvi heare hisvoyce,harden not your hearts. 8.For iflefut had given them reff, then wouldhee not after thisday hase fpokgn of