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andgodly obferuattons. nerall hope and faith,and thereforeI doubt not but my faith is found in euery particular bothwhich arehurtful!. z When wedi( iruft Gods promifes,letvs letbeforevs the exampleofhismercie done as,rnrhs. to others,thatwee maybe the more allured to obtainefaith :andwhen weebegin to pre- fume, let vs fit before vs the examples of Gods iudgements, that weemaypray for hu- militie. 3 Manydefpaireofhelpe,becaufeoftheirownevnworthines,asthougitherewereno hope ofGods mercie,vnleffewe bring inourgift,and pawne in our hands to him: but this God is»mil were to difcredit theLordsmercies, and to bring in creditour merits, and rather to binde tree is i'ù we>_ theLord vntovstianvsvotohim ;butifour!nnesbe rear ourredemption greater; `r`'`11cTj0'e g . ? p lctnotbórglrt though our meritsbebeggerly,Godsmercieisa richmercie : dour cafe benot defperate, afrsr erdi and weepath hope ofreconerie, our redemption ihouldnot be Ili plentiful!: butwhen all nee keepr sl-ee fretnesto god one way,when heauen and earth,the Sunne,theMoone,and theStarres gar f orn b u. againft vs,then to ranfome vs,and tomake a perfefhrefutation, is todraw fomething out ofnothing ; euenas in ficknes,to Isaac either littledanger,or in great danger,deliuerant e byprefentmeanes is nothing : butin extreameperill,when phificke can doe notbing,and notbutg maketh for vs but thegraue,then to berefcuedfrom the graue,and to recouerour life from thepitis redemption. Death. t A S thematt thinke of lifeas beingcontent todye, fowe ninth thinke of death as be- iag content to line : And they areaswell tobee liked of, that meafurably feare nmeal? ä61e death,astheywho ioy fomuchat it ; becaufe they thatmoderatlyfeare deatb,haue this in hair,'fdeulo them morethan tiseotber(svhichi is alto allowable by grace asidnature)tlsatthey tremble si oé;sdábe. at Gods iudgerncnts. a Hefaid,heneuerdurttdeliretodie, bowfoeuerleiscontinual !croffesdidaffoordlam (mall delire to hue : therefore he feared and forewarned men of thefekindc of wilhes,be- p ,yhes of tauCe oftenthe Lord hearerh a man iniudgentent, though in fame mercie, and when lire death drill. witheth this or that affliRion, lire layeth iton hint, fo that after he cannot doe that good toothers,whichto hisowne comforthe might haue done. 3 To onethat faid thefeared death,beefaid: AsI would hareyou tothinke of life,as beingcontent todie, fo thinke ofdeath asyou would alto be content to line :and as for the feare ofdeath,I like aswell ofthem that meafurablyfeareit,as of themwho to myat it, though I hopeand like well of themalto. Howbeit I feenot this in thole, which is in them, andwhich is a thingboth allowed bygrace and nature,that is, that theytremble at Gods 'judgements; youwill fay, that notwithttandingyou fee not why -you thould not feare death,feeing you findenò comfort inlife : to which I anfwete,thatyour life bathnof been without comforts,howfoeuer thingsgone arefooneforgotten,though your comforts were not in the full tneafurehoped for,and it may be that plentiful!meatitre (hallbe Olen you in death.But what ifyoufhonlddiein this difcontfort? for myparr(as I my felfe looke for mtafterGreen no greatthingsin mydeath) Iwouldnotthinkemore hardlyofyou,neither would I with hams death. any to iudge otherwife ofGods childe inthat eftateof death :for wee (hall not b e iudged Not to fudge of nYmald 1,- accordtng to that particular in4ance ofdeath, but according to our general! courfe of ordug to his life,not according to our deedein thatprefent, but accordingto the delireof our hearts f ateindeath. euer before: andtherefore weare not tomittrutt Gods mercie indeath,be weneuer fovn- comfortable,if fobe it bath been before leafed inour vocation and fanhification. Dere. t uE( aid,Godhooketh to tIledefires,notto the deedcoofh,js children and ifivepur. L 1pofe to doegood, howfoeuer wee finde ignorance, what,where,andwhen to doe good,Godwill dire&vs in occafion,place and time, and in mercie willpardon ourweak- nes,titoughwe fade in the circumftances. Défpra+fë.