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IC) Graue Counfelf Doraif. Wienany tolda tiling that founded to thedifpraifeof man,he (as not credu- / / lous in filch matrers)wouldmake thewto thecarnal(plaintife, that he was as onenot hearing,and would fence offthematter a long time bycanting him to repeate often hismatter. Diet. Ecaufe no particular rule canbe fet down how to amend excelfe anddefea in diet,thiswere thebelt rulegenerallytoobferue,fo tofeed, as that we may bemade thereby more fit either to fpeakeor heartthepraifesof Godwith more ciceerefulnesand reuerence. Dreamer. I ]( Naturall dreame, which commeth ofnaturall caufes, eafilyflippeth away : but if ,[lourdreames dwell longervpon vs,and leaue fomegreater imprellìonin vs,they novvroprofft oprofit,iftheybefauourabl,by thinkinglnchathngwemighthaueifwehwerenotvn- prepared for it : if it becontraric,by thinking and forecalling,andfearing fuels ancal, r.Anaturall dreame. ifthe Lordbenot merciful) tbecaufeGod dot')often correafome finne patt whichwere- 24good gardednot,or forefhewesTome finneto come which we were not afraid of: and an euill &c.Aame. dreamedoth thew fome emit in theheart, either in fome finne alreadie committed, or in dreamt. fome finne whichmay beIhortly committed: ifthe dreamt be terrible,ie is good toavoid 4.4terrible all the occafonsof that euill,and to glueuurfelues toprayer, and not topictoogreat dreamt. credit todreames,leatt theyweaken faith. The belt is tobe neither too rensifib, nortoo wife in them, but to labour toprofit by them, becaufe theLord by leaning Inch long im- preffions invs, cloth asit were call vpon ourconfciences not to palfe them ouer without fome vfe. Mclean. a Being asked howone mightauoidethe finneof vncleane dreames inthenight, hee dreamer. faid,firft it were good toauoideall obie'sand wandring thoughts in theday, and fecuri. tieofprayingagain(' itatnight. Ifthefe meanesdid not preuaile,we mutt thenthinkthae God calleth vs tofonne moreearnefi repentance for this or fomeother finne beforetom. seemoreride mitred: fpecially weare tobeware ofcompanie,fuch fpeciallyasmay thirvs vpvnto euill ; ell"maitie either labouring not to come into theircompanie,orhailing m(toccafion,to doe it with feare &with prayer : and doing this,not to tarrielongerthan godly occafion is offered. Difiral7ionofminele. a Top asked,why a manafterfundrieand laborious reading inhis calling,beingde- ') bymeditation to applie thethingsread vntohimfelfe,was fomuch interrup.. ted,andviolently, fuddenly, and vnwillinglydrawne into other conceits: he faid, it was either want ofpreparingand fánetifying our hearts byprayer beforeweefetvpon tohohe an exercife,and therefore theLord correa}eth the pride of ourwits and prefumption of our hearts,in beingbold to workevpon holy mattersin our ownelrength:orellefor that weselling vpon agenerali purpofeof thinkingfome good thing, orat leali not tochinke anyeuill, did not fattenour mtndeconftantl or continually vpon foe particular ob- iebt : but ruiningvp and downe,ashauing foam m mepart ofour affeáions, (tudies, and ine- ditations voidefor fome other matters,did not wholy and ferioully fet on the thing pro- poundedto our felues. The truth hereof may appearehereby,for that which the heart is throssghly fec vpon,it is lo attentiueto,that it can bepeelenc co no ocherthingao thatin- ftant,eipecially if theybehindrances tothe thing taken inhand. Dukes. r E faid,after his great ioyesconceiued of fome effeëtuall workingofGod in Iiim- 1ielfe,he molt commonly not long afterfell intodeadnes and dulnes, and thereby was Rovvvvebe bindred üt godly medita- tions.