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TheEpiftle Abraham;Iob, Motes,&c.firllfinite themfeliies,andewer bemire ealotts :vine/ them. fluesthenagainft othermen : farby the enfè anifielingofour ownefires, we be taught todealemore mildly andmeekelywiththefaresofother men. 2. Truezealeisaswillingta beadmonfed,aaitúcarefulltoadmonifb andthatnot onelyoffuperiours,whereweme eeldo nett it:e butal o ofe equals, yea in eriours, whomwemay femeto contemn. h63 1 f ß l9 y ff 3. T ruezealeir nottobehot,by fits,andcoldintheend. 4 Averyffieciall marL oftrue zealeisthis : To be comfortedin thepublikeproffieritieof theChurch ,whenprimate crof *Paul. fes maymake vsfad : andcontrarilae, to* mournandlament for our brethren, whenpri- = Fxarnpie5 trate prof feritie mightebeere our hearts. s. True eale (faith he) will not baretune in Mofe:,Nche- kindred:forthathelouethmoftnaturally,thathath learned tolouemoflfptritually: and miaa,Oaniel htlouethmad truly, that cannot abidefinnein thepartiebèloued, without fame wife and dfcreet admonition. 6. Truezealefearethnot theforceofthe mightie, neither is it d f mayedat thelookesoftheproud. 7. True zeale isfeeneintheir caufewho canneuerrecom: pencevsagaine.. S. Thelafl ruleafzealeisthis,tohehumbled incurfeluesferthòf fnnes whichweOleorcenfre inother men: andfpeciallyfuchfinites as weefltein themwhich are committed to oarcharge :far that the holy Gheff inhis word, accounteth theirfinnes acer.rz.z. ourfnnes. And thus farrethethird Sermon. laft ¢erfe. I III. The fourth Sermon isofa good name. And here he teacheth vs : i. Howdeareandpreciousathingagoodname it. z. xt,whatfingulargainfullfruits andeffells itcariethwith it : howGodandgoodmen aredelightedwithvs, ifwe haue it. 3..How earefullweought tobe,not to hurt l ourneighbour inhisgood name,becaufe it is an ineflimabletreafure: which beinglog, ismoll hardly recouered. g. Withwhat care and confciencewefhouldfeketofindeit: andhauingfoundit, with allendeuourand induflrie toprefrueit. 5. Heteachethhowagoodnameandgoodreport ,being goodthings, mug proceedefromgoodcaufis,asofvertue,godlinesandgoodreligion. 6. Hemethhow the worldaccountethofGodschildrenaeofmanilas, if they haue butoneflip : andhighly e- ffeeines ofaworldling,for one external/ giftofminde orbodie, thoughinner /ivarmein him.- y. He teacheth,that ifwewillauoide an euillname,wemullfirflauoide alleuillfitr- mifesanddeuifesagainffathermen: andnextwemufl haueagodly reloufe ouer our aune waits ,that theymaynot breedelumen anyfufpitionofesili. S. Laflly,menmuff beplen- tifullin allgoodworkess allwhich muff bedone, firftwith afimpleandfncereajedion: next with iudgementanddifcretion. And thusfarreofagood name. V. The fift Sermon is ofhumilitie. The contents of it briefly are thefe. z. Whereforethe Lordhumbleth hischildren befarethey becrowned. z. How pride rots andmarres allgoodgifts in vs. 3. Howdangerous andhurtfull proferitie is to many. How toaccept goodmeanesintime,when Godcalethvsto repentance. ç. Howdange_ , rotatirituallpridelsto Godschildren. 6. Howfearemuflinereafe,as Godsgifsincreaf invs. 7. Howeuillthoughts doeexercife Godsdeftchildren,and bywhatmengersGod awakeneth them. And this is thefhortrummeof thefift Sermon. V I. Thefixt ferues well for Chriftianparents, for the good education of children. s. He warneth them,thatthey lament notfomuchfor theirchildren, ifthey bedifinembred:or prose idiots, as 'theyprouegroffe(inners,andfa become wortthen idiots. Forfuchaffuredly (without repentance) dilhonourGodgreatly inthislife,andcan, notefcapeeuer laflingperdition afterdeath: butafpooreidiots there ismorehope. 2. Next he teacheth parents, thatwhen they findefoule nitesintheir children, wf[y to confider what tau es breede them : whether theybent them feluesd f bedient to theirheauenlyfa- ther,andhauebeen totheirnatural parents,andyetnot repentedoftheirfennes, 3. Laflly, F with