Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Hiftory of thePuritans, examin'd. 91 .Puritans were the 2'ools, which the j efuits defiled to make ufe of, in order to fubvert the Conulitutio both in Church and State ? ' I cannot choofe but 6 laugh (fags the yefuit, Hift. Puritans, p..I8g.) to fee, how force ofour own Coat have accoutred thernfelves, and 'tis admirable how in Speech and Gefture they a& the Puritans. The Cambridge Scholars, to their woful Experience (hall fee, that we can a& the Puritans a little better than they have done the yefuits.' Can Mr. Neal, after all, be fo weak, as to ima- gine that the efuits would have put on the Puritan Guile, in order to have ruined the Canft'itution, had the Puritans been the only Bulwark of the Con- flitution ? The Jefuits very well knew what they were doing ; and that this Bulwark would prove no better than the Stafof a bruifed Reed, upon which, if the Conflitutian had ventured to lean, it would have pierced into its hand; and inftead of fupporting it, would have undermined, and betray'd it as in the long run, 'tis apparent, it did. Hard lure tnufi be the Fate of our Conflitution, when under.a Neceffity of relying upon fuch a Bul- wark as this, for its Defence. King Charles the Firif, the heft of Monarchs, fatally experienced the (lender Security of this Bulwark, not only from his Engle, Puritanical Subjects, one Part of this Bulwark; but from the Scotifh Army, of Covenant- ing, Puritanical Saints, the other Part; whole Leaders, notwithftanding their Faith given, for the Kin g's Security in their Army, proved, what a Glorious Bulwark they were,, in:perfidioufly betray- ing hm to the Englifh Rebds, for the Lucre of two hundred thoufand Pounds. The Fart is notorious, and the two OriginalAcquittances are (till in being, fined by yohn Drummond, Deputy-Receiver to Sir Adam Hlepbourn, Treafurer to the Scot jr Army. The firft, witnefs'dby the. Engli/i Lords, and other Corn_