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92 Mr. N E A L's lid VOL of the Commiflioners, to whom the King was delivered up ; the fecond, duly attefted : both which will be printed in time. King lames the Second Iikewife experienced how much this Bulwark of the Conflitution was to be relied on. For, notwithftanding fome of their fulfome and flatteringAddreffes ofThanks (which bordered upon Blafphemy) for that Liberty of Confcience, granted them, by an unwarranted Stretch of Power ; in which, ' They wifhed for Windows in theirBreafts, that he might fee the Sincerity of their Hearts ;' yet they were with thefirft, that deferted him. So that from fatal Experience, we may learn, howmuch this Bulwark oftheConflitution, upon which the Royal Martyr fplit, was to be depended upon. And 'tis my hearty and fincere With, that our Conflitution may never fl:and in need of fuch a Bulwark for its Security and Support. There are two remarkable Letters extant, one from Sir WilliamBofwell, Ambaffador at the Hague, to Archbifhop Laud ; the other, from Bifhop Bramhall, Bilhop of Derry, to Archbifhop Ufher; Chewing what hand the Paps had in our Troubles, and how notably they aced the Puritans. The frft printed from Sir Robert Cotton's Pa- pers, and is as follows : Moll Reverend, As I am here employed by our SovereignLord 4 the King, your Grace can teftify I have left no Stone unturn'd for his Majefty's Advancement, neither can I omit, (whenever I meet with Trea- cheries, or Cord-piracies againft the Church and State of England) the fending your Grace an Ac- a, count in general. I fear matters will not anfwer your Expe6tations, if your Grace do but feri- Printed, 1686. Penns me, e oufly