Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Hiioryof thePuritans, examiti d. 93 oufly weigh them with Deliberation. For beyou affured the Romifh Clergy have gull'd the milled Party of our Englifh Nation, and that under a Puritanical Drefs ; for which the feveral Frater- nities of that Church have lately receiv'd Indul- gence from the See of Rome, and Council of Car- ' dinals, to educate feveral of the young Fry of the Church of Rome, who be Natives of his Ma- ' jefty's Realms and Dominions, and inftru& them in all manner of Principles and Tenents, contrary to the Epifcopacy of the Church of England. There be in the Town of Hague, to my certain Knowledge, two dangerous Impoftors, of whom ' I gave notice to the Prince of Orange, who have large Indulgences granted them, and known to ' be of the Church of Rome, altho' they feem Pu.- ritans, and do convene with feveral of our Engli/b Factors. The one, lames Murray, a Scotchman ; the other, john Napper, a Tork/hire Blade. The main Drift of thefe Intentions, is to pull down the Eng- li/h Epifcopacy, as being the chief Support of the Imperial Crown of our Nation : For which pur- pofe, above fixty Romifh Clergymen are gone, within thefe two Years, out of the Monafteries of the French King's Dominions, to preach up the Scotch Covenant, and Mr. Knox's Defcriptions and Rules, within that Kirk, and to fpread the fame about the Northern Coaft of England. Let therefore his Majefty have an inkling of thefe Crotchets, that he might be perfuaded that when- ' ever matters of the Church come before you, to ' refer them to your Grace, and the Epifcopal Party ' of the Realm. For there be great Preparations making ready againft the Liturgy and the Cere- monies of the Church of England : and all evil Contrivances here, and in France, and in other Proteftant Holdings, to make your Grace and Epifcopacy