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II2 Mr. NEAL's JJdVol. of the fo much Conftancy and Juftice, that they ¡hall have caufe to acknowledge, that under our Go- vernment and gracious Protection, they live in a ' more happy and free Eftate, than any Subje&s ' in the Chrian World.' Omitted by Mr. Neal.] provided they do not mifufe their Liberty, by turning it into Licentioufnefs, [nor mifinterpret the Petition, ' by perverting it to a lawlefs Liberty.' Omitted by Neap wantonly andfrowardly [under that or any other Colour] refilling our lawful and neceffary Authority: [for as we will maintain our Subjet.s in their jute Liberties. Omitted] we do expel? our Subjelts fhould yield as much Submon [and Duty] to our Royal Prerogative, and as ready Obedience to our Authority and Commandments, as has been per- formed to the greateft of our Predeceffors. We will not have our Miners terrified by harfh Proceedings agn nti` them for as we expeci our Miniflers fhould obeyus, they(hall afire themfelves we willproteo them. The King's Words : ' And for our Minifters, we will not that they be terrified by thofe harfh Proceedings, that have been ftrain'd againft fome of them : for as we will not command any thing unjuft or difhonourable, but ¡hall ufe our Au- ' thority and Prerogatives for the Good of our People ; fo we will expect that our Minifters obey us, and they ¡hall affure themfelves we will protect them.' Neal, p. '99. This Declaration not quieting the People, was followed by a Proclamation, [In the Mar- gin, AProclamation forprefcribìng a Time for calling Parliaments for the future. Rufhworth, Vol. II. p. 3.] which put an end to all Proi/Pecls of recovering the Gonf itutien for thefuture. The Title of the Proclamation, A Proclamation for fuppreffing falfe Rumours. touching Parliaments*. King Charles's Works, p. 130. Rymer's Foedera, Vo1.XIX. p. óz, Rufb-