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.story ofthe Puritans, examin'd. 3 .Rufhworth informs us in the Place referred to That upon the DifTolutíon of, the laft Parliament, ' the. People were highly difcontented, and uttered ' unpleafing Speeches and Difcourfes ; That if a Parliament was not prefently called again, all things would,be unfettled, and out of order, and Trading would fail, and Contefts would a.rife a- ' bout Tonnage.and Poundage, &c. Whereupon ' His Majefty fet forth a Proclamation for fitppref- ' ling falte Rumours touching Parliaments.'. And there was no appearance of Danger to the Conftitution from. this Proclamation, even as cur- tail'd by Mr. Neal; and much lefs, when his Omif- fions are inferred. Neal, ibid. 2'he Proclamation declares His Ma- jefcy's Royal Pleafure, That the Spreaders of faith News fhould be punned. [The Preamble omitted, which is as follows,] " Whereas, notwithfta.ndingour late Declaration " for fatisfying oftheMinds and .Affedtions ofour " loving Subjeòts, force ill-difpofed Perlons do ï" fpread falfe and pernicious Rumours abroad, as " ifthe fcandalous and feditious Propofition in the Houfe of Commons, made by an owlazwed Man, defperate in Mind and Fortune, which was tu- " multuoufly taken up by fume few, alter that by " our Royal Authority we had commanded their F' Adjournment, had been the Vote of the whole " Houle; whereas the contrary is the Truth : for " it was then decreed by the wifeft and bet¿ affec- ted, and is now difavow'd upon Examination, by " fuch as were fufpeEted to have contented there- '4 unto ; and affirmed as well by them, as others, 'C who ferved in the Houle that Day, to be a thing of a molt wicked and dangerous Con;quence to 'G the good Eftate of this Kingdom ; which op- " peareth to be fo, by thee Imltireffions which * Rufhi'orth, Vol. II. p. 3. I " this