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$Y+ MY'.. N E A LIS na VOL of the " this falfe Rumour hath made in Mens Minds, 44 whereby, out of caufelefs Fears, the Trade of 4f. the Kingdom is difturbed, and Merchants. dif- 44 couraged to continue in their wonted Traffick; 44 we have thought it expedient, not only ro ma- " nifeft the Truth thereof, but to ,make known 44 our Royal Pleafure, That thole, &c." Neal, ibid. That fuch as ehearfully go on with their Trades, fhall have all good Encouragement ; that he will not over- charge his Subjeñls with any new Eurdens, but will fatify himfe f with the Duties re- ceiv'd by his Royal Father: which he neither can no, will difoe}fe with. [But (hall efteem them unworthy 44 of our Protection, who fhall deny the fame ; we intending to employ it for Defence ofour King- « doms, Dominion of our Seas, and Safeguard of 44 our Merchants, efpecially by inch Shipping as " are now making ready, and fuch further Pre - " paration for Aid of our Friends and Allies, as " need fhall require.". Omitted by Mr. Neal.] And whereas forfeveral ill Ends, the callingof an- other Parliament is divulged, [" howfoever we have " (hewed. by our frequent meeting with our People, 4' our Love to the Ufe of Parliaments." Omitted by Mr. Neal.] His Majefly declares, That the late Abufe having, for the prefent, drivenHis Majefly un- willingly out of that Courfe ; he (hall account it Pre funaption for any to pre/cribe any Time to His llÎajefty for Parliaments, the Calling, Continuing, and,D f l- ving of Which, is always in the King's own power. Then follows, [And we fhall be more inclinable 64 to meet in Parliament again, when our People 4G [hall fee more clearly intoour Intents and Ac- " tions, when finch as have bred this'Interruption 4C :hall have receiv'd their condign Punifhment, 64 and thole who are milled by them, and. fuch ill Reports as are railed upon this Occafion, [hall " coma