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I 20 .mr'.NEAL's lid VOL off` the Neal, p. 217. Dr. Alexander Leighton, a Scats, Divine, met with feverer Úfaoe in the Star-Chamber, for venturing to write aaainll the prefent Hierarchy of the Church. This Divine had publifbed, during the !aft Sffon of Parliament, An Appeal to the Parlia- ment ; or, Zion's Pica againft Prelacy: in which he had fpoken not only with Freedom, but with very great Rudenefs and Indecency againg Bops, calling them Men of Blood, &c. He calls the Prelacy of the Church 4ntichrUtian, 8.c. He calls the Queen a Daughter of meth ; and concludes withPaying, What 'pity fo ingenuous and tra,, able a King fhoirld be fo ronftroufly abufed by the Bops, to the Undoing of himfel fand his Subjects? A large Collection of Paf ages from this fcanda- Ious Libel, are to be met with in Frankland's An- nals, [p.374.] whither I refer the Reader,or toRufa. worth, p. 55, &r, or to theLibel itfeif, which con- tains 344 Pages inQuarto, *Printed (lays the Title) the Year and Month wherein Rochell was loft. Neal, ibid. Now, though the Warmth of the!e Ex= preffions is not to be jufliied, yet let the Reader con- Eider whether they bear any proportion to the Sentence of the Court. The Caufe was tried June 4. i 63ot The Defendant owned the writing the Bock, but with nu ill Intention ; his Defign being only to lay thefè, things before theParliament, for their Confideraaion..2Vever, thelefs the Court decreed unanimoufly, That for this 0/fence the Dooior /hould be committed to the Prifónof the Fleet for Life, [` unlefs His Majefly fhall be gra- cioufly pleated to enlarge him.' Ru,jh'wcrth, p. 56. Omitted by Mr. Neal.] andpay à Fine cf Ten 2hou= fand Pounds ; that the High-Co;nmigion fhould. de- grade him from his ii4inifiry, and that then he fheuld be brought to the Pillory at Weilininfter, and bbe. whipt , after whipping, be fet upon the Pillory acon- venient Time, and have one ofhis Ears ,cut c, one Penes me. fide