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Hffory 0f the Puritañs, exarin. 12 Y fide of his Nofe flit, and be branded in the Face with a double SS for a Sower ofSedition, &c. * Rufhwort'a tells us, ' That the two Lord Chief Juftices being prefent, deliver'd their Opinions, That they would, without any fcruple, have pro- ' ceeded againet the Defendant as for Treafon, committed by him, if lie had come before them. ' And other Lords expreily affirmed, That it was His Majesty's exceeding great Mercy and Good- ' nefs, that he was brought to receive Sentence of this Court, and not questioned at any other Tri- bunal as a Traitár.' In another place, -f- Rufh- worth lays, ' The feuere Punifhment of this un- fortunate Gentleman many People pitied, he be- ing a Perfon well known both for Learning and Abilities. Only his untempered Zeal (as his Countrymen then gave out) prompted him to. that Miftake, for which the Neceffity of Affairs at that time required this Severity at the hand of the Magiftrate, more than perhaps the Crime would do in a following Junfture.' Neal, p, a r ó . Bjhop Laud pulled of his Cap whi J this mercilefs Sentence was pronoancinn, and gave God Thanksfor it Not One word of this in the place he refers to in Rutworth, p. 55. Nor do I believe it is to be met with any where, but in Mr. Neal's Book, and fear 'tis a Frietion of his own too prolifick Brain. Neal, ibid. On Friday, November 6. part of the Sentence was executed upon him, (fays Bop Laud, in his Diary) after this manner: " He was feverely whipt before he was put in the Pillory. Beingfet on the Pillory, he had one of his Ears " cut off. 3. One fide ofhis Nofe flit. 4. Branded '" on the Cheek with a red=hot Iren 'with he Letter " SS, &c." * Part II. p. 6. íB.58. All<