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122 Mr, N E A L 'S II$ Vol. of the All that BifhopLaud fays, whom he quotes as a- bove, (Diary, p. 45.) ' November 26, Friday, part of his Sentence was executed upon him at Weft- ' minjier.' No Particulars mentioned. And Rufh- worth led him into this Miftake Neal, p. 219. I believe the Records of the Inqui- fition can hardly furnifh an Example of equal Se- verity, Fuller obferves upon it as follows: ' It is re- markable , that among the many Accufations '. charged on Archbifhop Laud, at his Trial, the ' Severity on Leighton is not at all mentioned, chiefly becaufe (tho' he might be fufpended active therein) his .Faults were of fo high aNature, none then, or Pnce, dare appear in his Defence.' Neal, p. 2 19 . Ibe Churchof Saint Catherine Creed being lately repair'd, was fufpended ,from all Divine Service, till it was confecrated again; the Formality of which being very extraordinary, maygive us an Idea the Superflition of this Prelate. t The Archbifhop, in his Defence, fays, ' That ' Bifhop Andrews made this,Form (from whom I defired a Copy, and had it) which I obferved.' And Dr. Heylin informs us, That he, as ' Chaplain, attended him at the Confecration of ' a new Church built at Stanmore Magna, in the ' County of Middlefex, ereífed at the foie Coil and ' Charges of Sir john Wollielhclm, one of the Far- mers of the Cuftoms; and that he obferved the Circumftanees of religious Ceremonies that were ufed by him in that facred Action; from his firft coming into the Church, to his going out, but could fée nothing in it favouringof that Superfti- 4 Lion, which had railed fo much talk amongft the ignorant People, and afterwards was certified by * Hifi. B. XL p. 136. fiufl'worth, p. 78. Pryn's C ntsrbury's Doom, p. Iz'. 4 Cyprian, .finglic. p. zoi. k,lilling-.