Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Hi fJory ofthe Puritans, d. 127 People, being fo notorious and univerfal, that they would not appear unconformable to His Majefty's Willa, in any Particular : And many ` wife Men were then, and Rill are of Opinion, that if the King had then proposed the Liturgy of the Church of England to have been received and pra6tifed by that Nation, it would have been fubmitted to without Oppofition ; but upon ma- ` ture Confideration, the King concluded, it was not a good Seafon to promote that Bufinefs.' And I think, the Preamble to the net Ac`t of that his firtt Parliament, holden 28th Dayof7une 1633, entitled, Anent the Taxationgranted to His Majefiy, of Thirtie Shillings tearmely upon the Pound Land, and the Sixteenth Pennie ofall annual Rents ; plainly proves the high Degree of Efteem he was then in amongft them. * ' In the Parliament holden at Edinburgh, on the 6 28th Day ofJune, in the Year ofGod. 1633, the three Eftates of Parliament being affembled, ha- ving taken to their Confideration the many Bier- fings which this Nation loth enjoy under His Majeftie's most wife, happy, and peaceable Go- vernment, 'whereof each Eftate is moll fenfible, His Majeftie's Royal Zeale for propagating the ` Gospel of Jefus Chrift, his Care For providing fufficient Maintenance for the Clergy, his extra- ` ordinary Pains taken for uniting the disjointed Members of this Commonwealth, and extirping ofall Roots of Difcords, relieving the Oppreffed, and with fo even and fatherly a Hand curing the ` Wounds of this Commonwealth, as the wifeft ` Eye can find no Blemish in the Temper of all his Royal Altions ; and laft, the great Comfort they have by enjoying His Majeftie's Royal Pre- ` fence, Pains taken, and Expences by His Majeftie, * The Laws and Aas of Parliament, (pc. of Scotland, Col- ieaed by Sir Thomas Murray, Baronet, zdinb. 16$1, P. 4C3. in