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I¢2 Mr. NEAL'SWVol. ofthe or have been liable to a Year'sSufpenfion from gi- ving Orders. * ' The Obfervance of this Canon (fays the Right Reverend the Bithop of London) of 1603, (or rather of the Common Law of the Church, ' of which this Canon is only an Affirmance) was fpecially enforced upon the Biíhops by his Maje- ity King Charles I. and by Archbifhop Laud, upon this Pain or Penalty, of maintaining the Perfon if they did. And it is much to be wifh'd, ' that the Laws of the Church in this particular were aridly executed, efpecially in the Cafe of ' Titles to Temporary Cures, (if fuch are really comprehended or allowed in this Canon ;) and that the Perfons who grant fuch Titles, were made more fenfible of the Confequence of what they do, and their Names enter'd in the A&s of Ordination, as ftanding engaged ; which in an- ' dent Times was punctually done, as a Teftimo- ny againft the Perfon entitling, in cafe the Clerk (ordain'd upon fuch a Title) fhould at any time want convenient Maintenance. The Scandal and Inconveniences of many kinds, which accrue to the Church by multiplying the numbers of Cler- gymen, fo far beyond the number of Benefices, (and that chiefly by means of the:Titles weare now fpeakingof) feem to deferve Confideration, and to call for a fpeedy and effe6tual Remedy.' Neal, Ibid. In the annual ,account the Archbifhop gave the King ofthe State of his Province this .ear, we may obfervehow much fupprefng of tbefe popular Preachers lay upon his Mind. " The "Bifhop of Bath and Wells (fays his Grace) has taken a great deal « of pains in his late i/ifitation, to have all the King's " Inirullions obferv'd, and particularly he has put " "down feveral Le3urers in Market-2'owns, who * Bifhop Gibfon's Codex, p. 162. were