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Hî ory ofthePuritans, examin'd. I43 " were beneficed in other Diocefes ; becaufe he found iG when they preach'dfat`lious [and diforderly; omit- ted] Sermons, they retied without the Reach of " his jurifdiaion." I thought Mr. Neal had been an Enemy to Non- Refidence ; if he had, he would have commended the Bishop for this. What follows in the Archbifhop's Account, is o- mitted by Mr. Neal, for what Reafon he beltknows. * f" His Lordship has likewife fent up a Lift of " Romifh Recufants, which were prefented at his " last Vifitation, which he faith are for the molt " part but ofmean Condition ; and thofe not many, " confidering the Greatnefs of the County. "] Neal, p. 26r. " The Bfhopof Peterborough [it " should be Bishop ofCoventry and Litchfield,Trial and, Troubles, p. 527.] had fupprtffed a feditious " Letlure at Repon, andput down feveral monthly " LeSures, kept with a Faft, and managed by a Mo- " derator. He had alfo fupDrefs'd a Meeting call'da " Running Leélure, becaufe the LeOure went from Village to Village. t [And at the end of the " Week, proclaim'd where they should have him " next, that his Difcipies might follow : They " fay this LeEture was ordain'd to illuminate the " dark Corners of that Diocefe. Omitted by Neal.] " The King's Note upon it ; C. R. if there bedark " Corners in this Diocefe, it were fit a true Light " should illuminate it, and not this that is falfe and " uncertain." Neal, Ibid. " All the Bops declare, that they " take fpeciál Care of the Branch of his Majefy's " Inftruñtions, relating to Calvinifm or the Prede /1i-- " nanan Points." The Words, " All the Bí- t shops above- mention'd, (which are all that have Laud's Trial and Troubles, p. y16. Trial and Troubies, p. 517. i( Ib. p. 5i8. 44 vet