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'4 Tq.q,. Mr. N E AL'S III Vol. of the a yet certified) do agree, that all Things in your s, Sacred Majefty's Inítru&ions contain'd, are care- fully obferv'd, and particularly that of avoiding s" factious meddlingwith the prohibitedQueítions." Neal, p. 262. Towards the clofe of this Tear came on the famous Trial of William Pryti Efq; Barrifler of Lincoln's-Inn, for his Hiflrionaaflix, a Book writ- ten again/l Plays, Mafques, Dancing, &c. The In- formationPays, That though the Author knew that the Queen and Lords of the Council were frequently pre- gent at thofe Diverfions, yet he had rail'd againft theft and feveral other, as May-Poles, Chriflmaf- keeping, dregng Houf s with Ivy, Feflivals, &c. Ruíhworth, Part II. p. 221. * Then follows, [omitted by Mr. Neal.] [" And " to manifeft his evil and mifchievous Defign in << publifhing of this Libel, he hath therein written divers Incitements to ítir up the People to Difcon- tent, as if there were juft Caufe to lay violent " hands on the Prince." t Befides the Mifdemeanours, for which he was profecuted in the Star-Chamber ; Attorney- , General Noy cites feveral fcandalous Paffages in his Book, of which the Information took no no- tice, &c. To mention fomewhat of this Part of Pryn's Invective ; he throws a 'general Cenfure upon the Bifhops and Clergy, falls upon them for making an over-expeníive and foreign Figure,and taxes them with fcorning to feed the Poor ; he complains of cringing and ducking to new-erec- ted Altars, and of dedicating St. Paul's to Diana He goes on in this coarfe way of Rallying, calls the Church-Muíìck ableating of brute Beafts ; Chorifters (f iys he) bellow the Tenour as if they . were Oxen ; bark a Counterpoint, like a Kennel Ru(hmorth, p. 21r. -1 Collier, p. 76s. Ru,f?imerth, Part II. p. 232, ciliàs 2.23. 2 4 of