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.%0ory of the Puritans, examin'd. r 45 of Dogs ; roar a Treble, as if they were Bulls ; and grunt out a Bafe, like a parcel of Hogs.' Neal, Ibid. The Councilfor the Defendant argu'd, that he had handled the Argument of Stage-Plays in a learned manner, without defigning to reflect upon his Superiours. He writes in this Book, Hiflriomaflix, * ' That ' our EngliJh Ladies, thorn and frizled Madams, have loft their Modefty ; that the Devil is only honour'din Dancing; that Plays are the chief Delight of the Devil ; that they that frequent Plays aredamn'd, and fo are all, that do not con- cur with him in his Opinion, Whores, Panders, ' foul incarnate Devils, Judas's to their Lord and ' Matter, &c. Princes dancing in their own Per- ' fans, his Cenfure is infamous of them, &c. But ' the worft of all is, that this was the occafion of untimely Ends in Princes.' Neal, p, 263. AfewMonthsafter, Dr. Baítwick a Phyfician at Colchefter, having writ a Book, call'd Elenchus Religionis Papifticte, with an Appendix, call'd, Flagellum Pontificis, & Epifcoporum La- tialium ; which gave Offence to the Englifli &loops, becaufe it denied the Divine Right of Bithops above Presbyters; was cited before the High-Common, who difcarded him from his Profefon, excommunicated him, fined him One Thoufand Pounds, and Imprifon- ment till he recanted. Thefe were (I think) two diftin& Books, tho' rnention'd by Neal h.s one. I have the 2d Edition of the Flagellum, Printed' 1 641, with fome Letters at the End, containing 154 Pages, Duodecimo. °j- In his Epiftle Dedicatory to the King and Parliament, * Lord Cottinaton's Sentence upon Mr. Pryn. Rujhworth Part II. p. 232. See Lord Clarendon's Charaéter of Iricn, Vol. I. P. 158. Ep. Ded. p. 3. ' Unus enim mihi primo exitium, mox fabi peperit Wilhelm; Land, Cantuaria Pontife; qui obfcu- L ' ris