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All 1 46, :, Mr. NE AL'S IId VOl. of the he caffs fuch Reflcc`Iions upon the Archbifhop, as in fome meafure might ,jutfify his Imprifonment and Fine, if they had inflicted no greater Punifh- ment. TheSeverityof his Sentence, I am far from juffifying ; but the Books mention'd by Mr. Neal, were not the Books, for which he was fentenc'd to . lofe his Ears. The Book for which he fuffer'd, was entitled, * Apologeticus ad Pr rfules Anglicanos, Criminum Ecclefiggicorum, in Curid Celfce Corn - m /Jionis, dutore Johanne Baffwick, M. D. &c. ìfnno 1636. Printed beyond Sea. Which appears very plain from his Anfwer to the Lords in the Star-Chamber: t ' The Lord-Keeper then repli- ed, Dr. Baflwick, do you acknowledge the Apo- ' logy ad PrcaJùles Anglicanos, and the Sentences read in it to be yourown ? My Lord, 1 acknow- ledge but part of it to be mine. For after it was out of my hands, and gone beyond the Seas, fome Man added fomething of his, which I will not father, amongft the which, is one of the Sen- tences alledg'd againil me : and I prefume, your Honours will not condemn me for another Man's Aft.' Lord Clarendon gives this CharaSer of ris,Initiis, Impudentibus Aufis, Fit quovis facinore inclarefcere properus, tánt e Infula: dignitatem propolluit : at Querelarum quantulácunque pars Mea eft ? Omnis Ordo, omnis Sexus, omnis /Etas publicâ Voce Convitium facit Superbiae, & Cru- ' clelitatis Homuncionis Cui enim pepercir? Quam non attri- vit Sefquipedalis Ille Tyrannulus, & fummam Fedicitatem no- cendi tine determinans ? Quid Ego referam viduatas fuis Pa- ' fioribus Ecclefias? Impletas Fugitivis fidelibus longinquas Solitudines, 6,c. Vidimus Èxautoratam Religionem, pro- ' fcripiara Pietatem, & Triumphanrem in Profanorum agraine Superflitionem. O quam parvis veniunt fumma Mala ?rind- ' piis! Hic omnium omnibus rebus facilè infimus, de cujus Origine vera exequi pudet, quem nafcentem circumffetêre s paternae Sordes, & Anguliix.' Penes Rev. Tho. Baker, S.T. B. f New Difcovery of the Prelates Tyranny in their late Pro- Cecurion of Mr. William Pryn, Dr. John Bafiwick, and Mr. Henry Burton, Printed at London for M.S. 164.1. p. r 9. Penes Rev. T. Baker. him