Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

H?ory of the Puritans, exafnin'd. 147 him : $ ' That he was a half -witted, crack=brain'd Fellow, unknown to either of the Univerfities, or the College of Phyfcians.' And that the firft part of this Charaéter is true, is plan from his Wri= tings, a Specimen of which has been already pro- duced, and much worfe may be met with in his Litanys ; his Letters to Mr. Aquila Wycks, Keeper of the Gatehoufe, and hi.s Anfwer to the Informa- tion againft him, by Sir ohn Banks, printed 1637, p. 19, In his Letter to Mr. Aquila Wycks, Decem- ber 8. 1636, he has the following Words: * ` And ifyou fee Father William of Canterbury his Hell- nets, and William of London, Magnifiicus ReSor ` ofthe I'reafury; my Wife delires they would be Godfathers to her Child, and if you can obtain this Favour at their hands at her behalf, I am almoft confident I can prevail with their old Mi- ` ftrefs the Whore of Babylon, to be Godmother, with whom they have fo long committed Spiri- tual Fornication ; and then we fhall have filch a Chriftening, as has not been in Europe this many a bleffed Day. t Ifwe look, fays he, upon the Lives, Actions, ` and Manners of the Priefts and Prelates of this Age, and fee their Pride, Faft, Impudence, Prom fanenefs, Unmercifulnefs, Ungodlinefs, &c. one would think that Hell was broke bole ; and that the Devils in Surplices, in Hoods, in Copes, in Rochets, and in four-fquare Cow-Tunis upon their Heads, had come amongft us, and had be- ` fhit us all ! Pho, how they ftink ! The Priefts ` are Secundum Ordinem Diaboli, a Generation of Vipers, Proud, Ungrateful, IlliterateAffes : The Church is as full of Ceremonies, as a Dog is * Hift. of the Rebellion, Vol. I. p. ifs. * Natfon's Co11e&ions, Vol. I. p, sot. t Id. Ib. L full