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x 48 Mr. N E A L'S Ha Vol. of the full of Fleas, the Divine Service is a devifed Ser- vice, a plagr y deal of Porridge. * ' At the Name of 7efus, faith the Text, every ' Knee shall bow ; and the Prelates, in obedience to this Command, put their Fingers to their four- ' fquare Cow-Turds, to give him a Nod with their ' Heads.' And again, t ' The Priefts and Prelates, and ' that Fraternity, are the very Pole-Cats, Stotes, Weazels, and Minevers of the Church andState.' Neal, Ibid. Mr. Burton of Friday-Street, ha- vingpublifl'd two exceptionable Sermons from Pro- verbs xxiv. 21, 22. entitled, For God, and the King, againfl the late Innovations, had his Haute and Study broke open by a Serjeant at Arms, and himfelf commit- ted clofe Prifoner to the Gatehoufe, where he was con- fined feveral Tears. Had this been all his Punifhment, I cannot think it would have exceeded his Crime. For thefe two exceptionable Sermons confift of 164 Pages in Quar- to, befide the Dedication to the King ; and may be number'd amongft the molt virulent Libels of thofe Times, as the Reader may be convinced from the Perufal of thofe choice Difcourfes. He indeed flourifhes upon the Charaaer oftheKing, but it is in the wayof Sneer and Irony ; and wasl to draw out all the exceptionable Paffages, they would make a finali Volume : fo that I fhall content myfelf with two or three Paragraphs, which are far from being the molt exceptionable ones in thofe Sermons. For thefe Mother Churches, to which all Daughter Churches mull conform, are they not the * Second Part of his Litany, p. 23. t Third Part of Baftwick's Litany, i637. p. t. For God, and the King. The Summe of two Sermons, preach'd on the Fifth of November, in St. Matthew's, Friday. Street, 1636. By Henry Barton, p..if9. Penes Rev. The. Baker, S. T. B. 6 natura