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HillaryofthePuritans, examin'd. 149 ' natural Daughters ofRome ? Do theynot fromTop ' to Toe exactly refemble her ? Her pompous Ser- vice, her Altars, Palls, Copes, Crucifixes, Images, Superftitious Geftures,andPoftures,all Inftruments ofMufick, (as at the Dedication of the King of Babylon's Image) long Babylonijh Service, fo bel- ' lowed and warbled out, as the Hearers are but little the wifer. Are not thefeHigh Places alfo,the, Receptacles and Nurferies of a Number of Idle Bellies, to fay no worfe? Do not the fat Pre- ' bends fo cram their Refidentiaries, that the while, their ftarving Flocks in the Country do famifh ' for want of Spiritual Food. He * calls the Bi- ' (hops, ufurping i1ntichr f ian Mufhrooms; and in another place expreffes himfelf as follows. ' t I confefs, were it a Law in England, as it was . ' once amongft the Locrians, that whofoever would ' propound a New Law, fhould come with a Hal- ' ter about his Neck, that if it pleas'd not the Se- ' nate, the Hangman was ready to do his Office : And if the Opportunity ferv'd, I should come ' with an Halter about my Neck, with this Pro. ' pofition ; That it would pleafe the great Senateof this Land, to take into their fad Confideration, ' whether upon fuch woful Experience, it were ' not both more honourable for the King, and ' more fafe for his Kingdom, and more conducing ' to God's Glory, and more confluent with Chri- f lian Liberty, and more to the Advancement of Chrift's Kingdom, which by Ufurping Prelates is ' troddendown,that the Lordly Prelacy were turn'd 6 into fuch aGodly Government, as might fuit better ' with God's Word, and Chrift's fweet Yoak.' In another Place he quotes 'ertullian in the follow- ing manner: But, Payshe, what need I fpeak * Ib. p. 83. 1- Ib. p. ' lo. U Ib. P. 91. L 3 ` more