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Iso Mr. NEAL's lid Vol. ofthe more of the Chriflian Religion and Piety towards the Emperor ? whom we muff of Neceffity ho- nour, as himwhom our Lord bath chofen, that I may truly fay, he is the more our Cæfar, as he is appointed of our God ; therefore being mine, . I do therefore more labour for his Safety : So we alto, and fo may all true Chrifians triumph, and make a holy Boaft againfl all Jefuitical Sycophants, thatdo traduce them to Kings andPrinces,as Ene- mies to their Government. What one Proteftant can they bring, that ever committed Treafon ä- gaintt the King, or lifted up a Hand againfl his facred Perlon.' Little fure did this Confcientious Man dreamat that time, that King Charles's Head fhould be cut off in a few Years, by the Hands of his Independent * Brethren. The next Paffage I fhall mention, is what Dr. . Ieylin takes notice of. t ' How will our New Mailers, our Innovators make good the bringing of thefe Things a-freth. into Cathedrals, and for- cing all petty Churches to conform thereunto ? ' Would the Prelates thus make the Mother Cathe- drals (thus by themfelves made, and adopted Rotze's Daughters) their Concubines, whereon to beget a new Ballard Generation of Sacrificing Idolatrous Mafs-Priefts throughout the Land, which our good Laws., and all our Learned Pi- ' ous Divines have proclaim'd IÉllegitimate ?; More of this foul Stuff (fays Heylin) might be found elfe- where,but I hate the raking into fuchdirty Puddles. * Jan. 7. ¡647. Henry Burton, the Independent Miniffer, bu- rie.'. Mr. Richard Smith's Obituary. Penes Rev. Tho. Baker. Anel-he was in that way of Thinking fo early as r64.1, as ap- itears from a Sermon before the Parliament, entitled, England's Bondage and Hopes of Deliverance, p. z3. And in 1644., he wrote a Vindication, of the Churches, commonly calla Inde- pendent. fi Serm. p. 463. Heylin's Cyprian. Anglic. p. 277. And