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152 Mr. N E A L 's III Vol. of the Mr. Neal's Defence, I 'hall beg leave to add Lord Clarendon's Account of him ; who informs us, That having committed twoor three faucy Indif cretions, as caus'd an Inhibition to be lent him, that he íhould not prefume to come any more to Court ; from that time he refolv'd to revenge himfelf of the Bithop of Durham, (wlo was made Clofet-Keeper to the King, a Place he ex- = peaed) and upon the whole Order. And fo turn'd Lec`furer, and preach'd againft them ; being endu'd with Malice and Boldnefs, inftead ' of Learning and any tolerable Parts.' This Gentleman preach'd another Scandalous (or, in Mr. Neal's Style, exceptionable Ser.4on) before the Parliament 1641. entitled, t 7efu Worf ip confu- ted ; which gave no fmall Offence. And a fecond the fame Year, call'd, f1 England's Bondage, and Hope of Deliverance, Neal, p. 265. Dr. William Ames educated at Cambridge, under the famous Mr. Perkins, fled from the Perfecution of Archbifhop Bancroft ; and became Minier of theEnglifh Church at the Hague ; from whence he was invited by the States of Friez- land, to the Divinity Chair in the Univerfaty of Franeker, which he filled with univerfal Reputation for Twelve Tears. $ William Ames, (fays Fuller) Fellowof Chrift's- College, Cambridge, had (to ufe his own Expref- liion) the Place of a Watchman for an Hour in ' the Tower of the Univerfity, and took occafion to inveigh againft the Liberties taken at that time, efpecially in fuch Colleges, who had Lords of ' Mifrule, a Pagan Relique, which (he laid) as Polydore Virgil obferveth, remaineth only in Eng- Hift. V.ol. I. p; s 58. + Penes me. I! June 27. s6¢1. Penes me. Fuller's i-iiftory of Cambridge, p. 159, 6 latsclë