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HilloryofthePuritans, examin'd. z53 ' land. Hence he proceeded to condemn all play- ' ing at Cards and Dice, affirming that the latter in all Ages was accounted the Device of the ' Devil ; that as God invented the One and Twenty Letters, whereof he made the Bi- g ble ; the Devil, faith another, found out the One and Twenty Pricks of the Die; that Canon Law forbad the ufe thereof, feeing, Inventio Di- e aboli nulid Confuetudine poteft validari. His Ser- mon gave much Offence to many ofhis Auditors, the rather, becaufe in him there was a Concur- ' rence of Nonconformity ; infomuch that to pre- vent an Expulfaon from Dr. Cary the Malter, he. fairly forfook the College, which proved to him ' neither Lofs nor Dif.race, beingnot long after, by the States of Friezland, chofen Profeffor in ' their Univerfity.' Neal, p. 27o. 20 give another Inftance of the ZIrchbìfhop's Dilaffetlion to the Foreign Proteftants the Queen of Bohemia, the King's Siter,ellicited the King, in the mof preging manner, to admit of aPub- lick Collection over England, for the poor perfecuted Minitiers of the Palatinate who were banifh'd their Country for their Religion'. Accordingly the King grant- ed them a Brief to go through the Kingdom : But when it was brought to the Archbop, he excepted a- gainft the following Claufe, " Inhofe Cafes are the " more to be deplored, becaufe this Extremity isfallen " upon them, for their Sincerity and Con/tancv in the " true Religion, which we together with then pro- " feed, and which we are all bound in Confcience " to maintain to the utmoft of our power, &c. Ibid. " p. 271. Laud having acquainted the King with " his Exceptions, they were expunged in another 66 Draught." Archbifhop Laud's Anfwer,[Trial and Troubles, p. 376.] The fourth Charge (fays he) was anAl- teration made in a Brief for a third Colleaion for