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rs¢ .Mr. NE A L's IId Vol. qf the for the diftreffed Minifters and others in the Pa- ' latinate. The Queen of Bohemia was pleas'd to do me the Honour to write to mé about this, and becaufe 'two Collections had been before, her Majefty defiired that this Third might only be, in London, and fome fewShires about it. 1, gilt' óf my defire to relieve thole diftreffed Prateftants,and to exprefs my Duty to the Queen, became an humble Suitor to his Majefty, that this Collec- tion might alto go through England as the ref had done.' An Impartial Hiftorian would have given us the Archbilhop's Anfwer, as well as the Obje&ions made to his Behaviour on this Occa- hon. There is printed in Rymer a Licence for a Collec- tion to be made through England, for Relief. of the Minifters of the pialatinGate, 9th of .April, .f1. D. 1635. r i Caroli; where there is no fuch Claufe, as Mr. Neal mentions from Collier. The Words : * ' We taking thefe Things into our Princely Confideration, and being mòved with the Bowels. of Compafiion towards them, as feelingMembers of the fame Body, whereof Chrift alone is the Head ; and being certainly inform'd,. that thofe of the United Provinces, and diverfe other Proteftants of other Places, have bound- ' fully contributed towards their .Neceflities and being well affur'd that all our loving Subjeds of this our Kingdom, who have long enjoy'd a hap py Peace with Freedom ofthe Oofpel,' and have tafted largely of the Comfort thereof, will not be inferior to any in a Work fo full of Piety and Charity, towards their, diftreffed Bre- thren do by thefe liar Letters Patents commend the diftreffed Eftates of thefe poor Souls, unto the Charity of all the People of this Realm Know yetherefore, &c.' Rymer's Faders, Vol. XIX. F. 628, Neal,