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Tiflory of the Puritans, exarnin'a. 159 with in the Weekly Mífcellany, N° 26. tune 9. 1733. Neal, p. 283. The laft and molt extravagant Stretch of Power that I /hall mention, was the Bi- fhopsframing new Articles in their own Names, with- out the King's Seal and Authority. In anfwer to this, the Judges the 14th of May, 1637. unanimoufly declared, That the A& of Repeal, I Edward VI. cap. 2. made in the First of Queen Mary, was Rill in force ; but to ftrengthen this Security for the Church , and make it ferviceable, he {the Archbilhop] hum- ' bly defired the King, the Cafe might be put more at length, and that the Refolution ofall 4 the Reverend Judges might be taken fuller in form, and publifhed by His Majefty. That by this means the Governors of the Church may proceed more chearfully in their Fun Lions, and the Laity be delivered from the Prejudices they had received of the Bithops Encroachment. His Majefty condefcending to this Motion, publifhed the following Declaration ;' which is printed at large in Collier. Mr. Neal indeed faintly ac- knowledges, that the Judges gave their Opinion in the Cafe, but thinks the Opinion was infurli- cicnt and contrary to Law. In which 1 can't but think he difcovers an unbecoming Conceit, in fa- ring up his own Opinion in oppofition to that of the molt eminent Lawyers and Judges, both in King fames's and King Charles's Reigns. To this Objeértion the very learned Bifhop Stifling_ fleet has returned a fufficient Anfwer : t ' 'The Le- gality of Vifltations (fays he) is a thing now pe- remptorily denied by fome, out of a pretended G Regard to the Principles of the Reformation, * Collier, Vol. II. p. 77ç. Bithop Stiilingfieet's Mifcellaneous Difcourfes on feveral0c- cafons. London, printed I73ä. p. z5.8. 6 and