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Hifory ofthe Puritans, examin'd 167 Hufband thereof, being Subftitute to the Pope Of Rome, from whom he has received his Archiepif ' copal Power.' This Man died a Quaker, (as ap- pears from Mr. Smith's * Obituary,) ' Augu/l 28. ' 1 657. iohn Lilburn , (fays he) a bufy Man, died at Eltham, and was buried in the new Church-Yard, by Bedlam 31. accompanied by his Fellow Quakers.' Neal, ibid. Dr. Cornelius Burgers, in a Latin Sermon before the Clergy of London, preached againft the Severities of the Bithops, and refuting to give his Diocefan a Copy of his Sermon, was put in the High- Commi/Jon. If we may credit Anthony Wood, Dr. Burgefs was not capable of making a Latin Sermon. He in- forms us, 'f- ' That in the Year 1627, he took both the Degrees in Divinity as a Compounder ; at which time undertaking to anfwer the DoEtors in the Divinity Aft, fhew'd himfelf fo forry a Difputant, and fo fufficiently ignorant in the ' Terms of Logick, that inftead of faying, Nega- tur Major, and Negatur Minor, he could fay no- ' thing elfe but Negatur id ; whereupon Prideaux, ' the Regius Profeffor, faid to him openly, with a merry Jeer, ['upotes benè prcedicare, fed non potes ' bend difputare.' Neal, p. 298. Even the Populace, that were not capable of writing Books, expreffed their Refentments againft the Archb/hop, by dfperfang Libels about the 2ówn, in which they threatned his Deflruition. His Grace entred fame of them in his Diary. And does he infer from hence, that the Populace were in the right ? The Populace, during Dr. Sacheverel's Trial, were not capable ofwriting Books, and yet they expreffed their Refentments againft the D/enters, and their Meeting-Houfes ; which Be- * MSS. Rev. Tho. Baker. 1- Weed's Athen. Oxon, Vol. II. p. 23y. M q. haviour