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168 Mr. N E A L's II° Vol. ofthe haviour, (tho' it is condemned by every confide- rate Perlon in the eflabled Church) yet, according to Mr. Neal's way of fpeaking, mutt certainly have been right, Mr. Neal's Refle&ion upon the Order of Coun- cil, to bar the Minifters from going out of the Kingdom, is as follows. Pag. 300. This was a Degree of Severity hardly to be parallel'd in the Chriflian World. 'Tis not difficult to be parallel'd ; for Dr. South (with whom agree Mr. .lounger, and Sir William Dugdale) informs us, ' That the Perfecution ran fo high in Cromwell's Time, that that execrable Monier made, and publifhed that barbarous, Hea- then, or rather unhuman Ediá againft the poor piicopal Clergy, That they fhould neither preach, norr pray in publick, nor baptize, nor marry, nor bury, nor teach School; no, nor fo much as live in any Gentleman's Houfe ; who, in mere Charity, might be inclined to take them in from perifhing , in the Streets : that is, in other Words, that they might flarve and die ex officio, and being turned out of their Churches, take pofi'efion only of the Church-Yard, as fo many hi,,`t`ims to the remorfelefs Rage ofa foul, ill-bred Tyrant, pro- , felling Piety, without fo much as common Hu- `. inanity.' Neal, p. so r . The .shops and Courtiers being 7i iefinfzble cf the Number and Weight of their Ene- vies among the more refolved Protefiants, determined losbalance their Powers 'by joining with the Papifls. I beg ro ufe Dr. South?s Words once more, in an- fr'c:r °' s However (fas he) Knaves at prefent may abufe Fools with Words fora time, yet * South's Sermons, Vnl. I. p. 4 10. lâunger's Brief View of he Troubles, Q'qç. `p. 77. Sir William Duudale's Shgrt View the Troubles, p. 258. t'outb.`, Sermons, Vol. I. p. 242. there