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174 Mr. N E -A L's II' Vol. o, fthe our Letters, and Inftruaions to the reft at home ; and after many humble Advertifements and Re monftrances made from them to us, of the Rea- m fons of forne Alterations, which they did con- ceive would remove divers Difficulties, which o- 6 therwife they fear'd this Book would encounter with ; we were contented that the Service-Book b thould come out as now it is printed ; being fully liked by them, and fign'd with their Hands, and perufed, approved and publifhed by our Royal Command and Authority. In the Perufal and Approbation whereof, we took fpecial care that the fmall Alterations of it, 6 in which it differeth from the Engle Service- ` Book, thould be fuch , as we had reafon to think, would belt comply with the Minds and Difpofitions of the Subjeáts of that Kingdom. For we fuppofing, that they might have taken fome Offence, if we had tender'd theEngle Ser- vice-Book, totidem verbis ; and that fome fatti- ous Spirits would have mifconftrued it as a Badge of Dependance of that Church upon this ofEng- land, which we had put upon them, to the pre- judice of their Laws and Liberties ; we held it fit- ter that a new Book fhould be compos'd by their 6 own Bifhops, in Subltance not differing from this of England ; that fo the Roman Party might not upbraid us with any weighty or material Diffe- rences in our Liturgies, and yet in fome few in- ' fenrible Alterations differing from it ; that it might truly and juftly be reputed a Book of that Church's own compofing, and eftablifh'd by out' Royal Authority as King of Scotla id. And thus conceiving we had difchq.rg'd the Duty of a Re- ligious King towards God, and of a gracious Prince in accommodating this' Book fo, that our Subje&s of that Kingdom thould have no caufe to have the leali Sufpicion of any _intended De- pendency