Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

. Hijiory ofthePuritans, examin'd. z 75 pendency of that Church upon this, we Pent home the Book to the Lords of our Privy-Coun- cil. After their Receipt and Confideration of it, we by their Advice, and they by our Authority, commanded by publick Proclamation, that the C faid Book thould be publickly read, and receiv'd in all the Churches of that our Kingdom ; and fhould begin to be pradis'd uponEafter next.t 637.' Neal, p. 313. It was reviled and corretled, and altered by 4rchbifhop Laud, and B/op Wren, as appear'd by the Original found in the Archbifhop's Chamber in the Tower, in which the Alterations were inferted with his own Hand. The Archbifhop anfwers, * ` I here take it upon my Salvation, that I inferted nothing without his Majefty's Knowledge, nor any thing againif his Purpofe.' Neal, Ibid. The Liturgy thus modell'd, was font into Scotland with a Royal Proclamation, dated December 12, 1636. t It bears Date the loth Day of December, as appears from the Proclamation, printed before the Scotch Liturgy, at Edinburgh, by Robert .Young r 637. Given under our Signet at Edinburgh, the 2oth Day of December, and of our Reign the 12th, 163 6. Per Atlum Secreti Concilii. Neal, Ibid. The Archb f op of St. Andrews, with force of his more prudent Brethren, forefeeing theDif- orders that would arife, advifed the deferring it yet longer ; but ftrchbifhop Laud was lò much of a dffe- rent mind, That he procur'd a Warrant from the King, commanding the Scots Bi f ops to go forwardat all Events, threat'ning,"that if they moved heavily, or threw in unneceffary Delays, the King would remove them, andfill their Sees with Churchmen of more Zeal and Refolution. * Trial and Troubles, p. T 4. -j- See Bibliotheca RePa, p. T 37, J 33 2 This