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176 Mr. N E A L's IId Vol. of the This is not very likely, and as he produces no Vouchers for what he Pays, he cannot reafonably take it amifs, if we don't readily affent to it. Nay, there is no mention in the Bibliotheca Regia, (where all the Tran1 taions relating to the Scotch Liturgy and Canons are printed at length) of any fuch thing. Bifhop Laud, where he fignifies his Ma- jefty's Pleafure to the new Bifhop of Dunblane, concerning the Communion in the Chappel-Royal, the Book of Ordination, and the Liturgy, fays nothing like it. His Conclufion: * ' And whereas you write, that much more might have been done, if the Times would have ' borne it ; I make no doubt but there might have < been a fuller Addition : But God be thank'd, this will do very well, and I hope breed a great deal < of devout and religious Piety in that Kingdom. Yet I pray, for my farther Satisfaaion, at your bell leifure, draw up all thofe Particulars, which you think might make the Liturgy perfe&, whether < the Times will bear them or not, and fend them fife to me ; and I will not fail to give you my Judgment of them, and perhaps put fome of them to further ufe, at leaft in my own parti- cular. One thing more, and then I have done. In his Majefty's authorizing of theNotes in this Book prefix'd to the beginning of it ; tho' he leaves a Liberty to my Lords, the Archbifhop of St. ' drews, and his Brethren the Bifhops, who are upon the Place, upon apparent reafon to vary fome things; yet you muff know and inform them, that his Majefty having view'd all thefe Additions, hopes that there will be no need of change of any thing, and will be pleas'd with little or no Alteration. So wifhing all Profperity Bibli0lllC6GiRCbii6, Cap. 6. p. 130, t;i. 6 t0