Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

Hioryofthe Puritans, exavin'd 177 to that Church, and a happy finifhing of your Liturgy, and Health to my Brethren the Bi- ` (hops, I leave you to the Grace of God, and refs,' Tour LordAip'.r very Lambeth, April, Lovi;eg Fiend, andBrother,' zó. ! 636. IV. Cant. * Mr. Collier , and Bifhop Guthry , give a different Account of this Matter , from Mr. Meal's. This Advice (fays the former) might . probably have been follow'd, in cafe the Scotch Biihops had been better agreed, and afted un- animoufly ; but force of thole of this Order lately preferr'd, having an over-ballance of Heat and Spirits, refus'd to concur with their Brethren of better Experience: Inttead of managing with this Precaution, they went in with the Earl of `I'raquair's Sentiment, and prefs'd for Execution and Difpatch. By the way, this Nobleman, who was Lord -Treafurer, had a bottom Delign, which they were by no means aware of. His Bufinefs was to promote unacceptable Meafures, to pufh Things to Extremities, and ruin the Bifhops. He was apprehenfive, it feerns, that there Men might grow too big for his Intereít ; and particularly, that Maxwell, Bifhop of RoT, ende1avour'd to fup- ` plant him in his Poft, and grafp'd at the Tree- ` furer's Staff: And believing the reit of the Bi- ` flops inclined to fecond Maxwell in his Ambition, he prov'd a mortal (tho' a fecret) Enemy to the whole Older. And the King expreffes himfelf upon this Occafion as follows: Collier, P. 769, 77o. Bifiriop Ga:thrj's Memoirs, N Y7. We