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ao Mr. NEAL'sIId Vol. of the pals of them to brookyour Land, if you like to ft at reff ; except ye would keep them for trying your Patience, as Socrates did an evil Wife.' The King publifhed his Doren Bafiflicon in the Year 1599 ; the Occafion ofwhich the Reader will meet with in * Spotftvood. And Camden fays of this Book, ' That in it is molt elegantly pourtray'd, and let forth, the Pattern of a molt excellent, and every way accompl.ifh'd Prince. Incredible it is, how many Mens Hearts and Affedions he ' won unto him, by his correcting of it ; and what an Expe&ation of himfelf he raifed amongff all Men even to Admiration.' But after all, 'tis probable that this Declaration, which is father'd by Mr. Neal (from Calderwood) upon King lames I. might be hammer'd in the fame Forge, with thole two Famous Proclamations, ifíued forth in the Names of t ' Francis and Marie, King and Queen of Scots, Dauphin and Dauphinefs of Viennois;' in favour of the Reformation in Scotland, tho' both of them were profeffed Ene- mies to the Reformation. And if thefe Reformers could falfify in one Cafe, as 'tis plain they did from this Inffance, (Alexander Petrie, a zealous Presbyte- rian, having given us the Proclamations at large, dated at Dundee, the 14th Day of December, and of their Reigns the Second, and the 1 8th Years 1559. ' Which 11 two Proclamations, he tells us, he had not feen in Print, but had them by him, with the Signet whole and entire, which he re- ' ceiv'd amongff the Papers of john Erskin of Dun :') Why might they not falfify in another ? But the King's Words, upon another Occafion, plainly dilcover the Improbability of this Account. * Spotfroorl's Hiftory, p. 457 t Alexander Petrie's Compendious Hiítory of the Church, :1p. 17. lb, p, 216. <Tho'