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88 Mr. Iii E A L9S III VOL of the finance is not Refìftance of Power, but Will. To fay, that fuch Refiftance muft only be de- fenfflve, is Nonfenfe ; for fo a Man may be ever refitting , and never refine' William Bridge's Faft-Sermon before the Commons, December 26, . 1648. p. 18. Member of the Affembly ofDivines. Neal, ibid. Mr. Sidrach Sympfon, educated in Cambridge, and afterwards a celebrated Preacher in London. That he was a celebrated Preacher of rebellious Principles, is plain from the following Paffage : Reformation (fays he) is liable to inhuman ' Treacheries : Pharaoh's Dealing was very trea- cherous ; he bade the People ;o, gave them Li- d berry by Proclamation; when he had got them at an advantage, he brought up an Army to cut them off. The reforming the Church will meet with fuch kind of enemies.' Sidrach Sympfon's Faft-Sermon before the Commons, yuly 26. 1643. p. 7. Member of the Affembly of Di- vines. Neal, p. 334, The Eyes of all England were now towards the North, where the King went March 27, to put himfelfat the Head of his Army raifed aaainfl the Scots. Lord Clarendon tells us, " ' That before the King left York, Letters and Addreffes were fens from the Scots, lamenting their ill Fortune, that 4 their Enemies_ had fo great Credit with the King r 4 and to perfuade him to believe, that they neither were or could be difobedient to him, a thing that could never enter into their loyal Hearts ; they defired nothing but to be admitted into the prefence of their gracious Sovereign, to lay their Grievances at his Royal Feet, and leave the De- ' termination of them entirely to his own Wifdom * Hiflory of the Rebellion, Vol. I. p. 94.. and