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Hifory of the Puritans, examin'd. 2 f Character ; but when the Puritan Miniflers flood be- fore him, inflead of being Moderator, he took upon him the Place of Refpondent, and bore them downwith his Majeflick Frowns and Threatnings, in the midit of a numerous Croud of Courtiers. This Account of Mr. Patrick Galloway's differs much from Mr. Robert ohnflon's , a Scotch Hifto- rian, who Teems to me to confirm Bifhop Barlow's in every particular. Neal, p, i 5. Bancroft could no longer contain him- felf, but falling upon his Knees, begg'd the King with great Earneflnefs toflop theDr's [Raynolds'sJ Mouth, according to. an ancient Canon, that Schfmatièks are not to be heard againfl their Bfhops. The Bifhop of London (fays Barlow, p..26.)' much moved to hear thefe Men, who fame of them the Evening before, and the fame Morn- ing, had made femblance of joining with the Bishops, and that they fought for nothing but Unity, now ftrike to overthrow (if they could) ' all at once, cut him off, and. kneeling. down, ' molt humbly defired his Majefty .firft, that the ancient Canon might be remembred,That Schifma- ' tici contra Epifcopos nonfont aud?ndi.' Neal, p. 17. With regard topreaching, the DoSor complain'd of Pluralities in the Church, and pray'd that all Parifhes might be furned with preaching Min f ers. Upon which Bancroft fell upon his Knees, . and petitioned his Majefly, that all Pares might have a praying Minry, for. preaching is grown fo much in fafhion, (lays he) that the Service of the Church is neglected, betides Pulpit Harangues are very dangerous, &c. . . Here my Lord of London kneeling, (lays Bar- ' low, p. 53, 54.) humbly defired his Majefty (be- ' caufe be Taw, as he faid, it was a time ofmoving yohnfloni Hift. Rer. Britannicar. p.379, 380. C 3 4 Petitions