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2 2 Mr. N E A L'S IIa Vol. of the Petitions) that he might have leave to make two ` or three; firft, that there might be amongft us ` a Praying Miniftry : for whereas there are in the Miniftry many excellent Duties to be performed, as the Abfolving of the Penitent, Praying for, ` and Blefling of the People, Adminiftring of the Sacraments, and the like ; it is come to that pafs ' now, that fore fort of Men thought it the only Duty required of a Minifter, to fpend the time offpeaking out ofa Pulpit ; fometimes God wot very undifcreetly and unlearnedly: and this, with fogreat injury and prejudice to the Celebration of Divine Service, that fome Minifters would be content to walk in the Church-yard till Sermon- ' time, rather than to beprefent at publick Prayer. He confeffed, that in a Church new to be plan- ' ted, Preaching was molt necefläry ; but among us, now long eftablifhed in the Faith, he thought it not the only necefi'ary Duty to be performed, ' and the other to be fo profanely negledted and contemn'd.' 'Neal, p. 2 r. Dr. Reynolds and his Brethren were called in, not to difpute, but to hear the few Altera- tions or Explanations in tbs Common- Prayer Book al- ready mentioned; which not anfwering their Expecta- tion, Mr. Chaderton fell on his Knees, and humbly pray'd, that the Surplifs and Crofs might not be urged wpon fame Godly Minifiers in Lancafhire. What reafon there was for this Requeft in favour of fome Godly Minifters in Lancafhire, I hope Mr. Neal will be convinced from Bifhop Barlow's and Mr. Strype'sAccount, which follows* : ' Only Mr. Chatterton of Emanuel College kneeling, re- ' quefted, that the wearing the Surplifs, and the ufe of the Crofs in Baptifm, might not be urged upon fome Honeft, Godly, and Painful Minifters * Sum and Substance of the Conference, p. 99. Life of ¡Phitgift, P.774. ' In