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28 Mr. N E A L 'S IIa Vol. of the of Pains and Study ; a Man, happy in his Life ' and Death, loved of the Bell while he lived, and heard of God for his Deceafe; molt earneftly defiring, not many Days before he was ftricken, that he might not live to fee the Parliament, fo ' near as it was.' And yohn Stow adds *, ' That ' he was a Man born for the Benefit of his Coun- try, and Good ofhis Church ; wherein he ruled ' with fuch Moderation, as he continued in his Prince's Favour all his Life, fuppreflïng fuch new ' Sedts, as in his Time began to rife; as by his learned Work, written by him againfl fuch ' Schifms does appear.' Sir George Paul's Charadler of him, (who knew him perfedtly well) confirms what is faid by the Authors above- mentioned -t; ' Happy fure it was for the crazy State of the Church, not to meet with too rough and boifterous a Phyfician ; for he preferved with Conferves and Eledluaries, and ' fome gentle Purges, that which with ftrong Pur- ges, in all likelihood might have been in dan- ' ger.' And the Author profeffes he could not fuf ficiently exprefs that Archbifhop's fingular Wif dom and Clemency ; albeit fome younger Spirits were of opinion, that he was much to blame in that kind, and imputed it to his Years, and want of Courage. Robert 7ohnflon, a Scotch Hifforian, gives him a great Charadler, for which I refer the Reader to the Margin. But Id. ib. fi Sir G. Paul's Life of Archbifhop Whitgift, p. Sa. Johnfioni Rer. Britannicar, Hi/ior. Lib. xi. p. 380. Ecclefiar habenas per bis denos anuos fapienter moderans ; vir proculdu- bio tanto fafligio dignifliimus : Clarior Virtute, quam Genere. In Academia Cantabrigienfi, ad fupremos Scholæ honores evec- tus, literas facras profitendo magnam famam Religionis, Mode- rationis, Eruditionis, Prudentia , Diligentixque tulit. Mortuo GrindalloArchipræfule, audoritate, doc`trinâ, t'ama in ejus locum fuffeetus; ut imminutam Ecclefiæ dignitatem Therapeutartsm culpa, in veterem integritatem reiìirueret. Turn perpetua fanc- titate