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Hillery of the Puritans, ex'amn'd. 29 But thefe are the Teftimonies of Friends, and for that reafon, may probably be objected againft by Mr. Neal; and in order to his Conviction, I will take the liberty of adding the Teftimony of one, who was no great Favourer either of Epifco- pacy or Monarchy. He ftiles him * ' a holy, grave, and pious Man, and he informs us, That this good Man expired the nine and twentieth of February, in David's Fulnefs of Days, leaving a Name like ' a fweet Perfume behind him : What Wbitgift, fays he, firove to do by Sweetnefs and Gentlenefs, Bancroft did perfevere in with Rigour and Severity.' Neal, p. 27. Before the Meeting of the Parlia- ment, the King iffued out two Proclamations, one commanding all yefuits, and Priefls, to depart the Kingdom, Jan. 22. (it should be Feb. 22.) in which he was very careful to let the World know, that he did not bani/h them out of hatred to the Catholick Re- ligion, but only for maintaining the Pope's temporal Power over Princes. Here again he has a fling at the King's Incli- nation to Popery ; but howjuft it is, the Words of the Proclamation will fhow f : ' That, with great Audacity, they exercife all Offices of their Pro- ` feffion, both faying Mafl'es, perfuading our Sub- ` jeCts from theReligion eftablifhed,and reconciling them to the Church of Rome, and by confequence feducing them from the true Perfuafion, which all Subjects ought to have of their Duty and Obedi- ence to us. Wherefore, foraftnuch as by wayof ' Providence, to preferve their People from being cor- titate fuâ, turn editis Libris, &c. meritis, pietate in Deum, ín du(triæ ingeniique ornamentis, modeutiâ, curâque religions tu- endse, ut per omnium annaliun monumenta celebris effet : uncle hauriant boni & fapienws Prxfules exempla omnium virtutum. Arthur Wilfan's Life of King 'fames, p. 8, Kingyames's Proclamations, pubii!h'd 1609. p.61, 62.,