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3© Mr. NEAr.'slId Vol. of the corrupted in Religion, Piety and Obedience is not the kart Part of Royal Duty ; we hold our felves obliged, both in Confcience, and in Wif- dom, toufe all good means to keep our Subjects from being infe&fed with fuperffitious Opinions in Matters of Religion, which are not only perni- F cious to their own Souls, but the ready way to corrupt their Duty and Allegiance ; which can- , not be any way fo fürely performed, as by keep- , ing from the Minifters and Inftruments of that Infeaion, which are the Priefts of all forts, or- dained in foreign Parts, &c.' Neal, p. 3o, May 23, There was a Debate in the Upper Roufe [of Convocation] upon the Crofs in Baptifm, when Dr. Rudd, Bithop of St. David's, flood up, and made the following Speech for Charity and Moderation. How fairly he has handed this Speech to us, the Reader will be able to judge, from his Omifíïons included in Brackets, and fupplied fromMr. Peirce, from whom he pretends to copy it ; and the wor- thy Mr.Tbo. Baker's MSS. (Vol. 19. Folio, p. 567, 568, &c.) " For my part, I acknowledge the " Antiquity of the Ufe of the Crofs, as mentioned " in Tertullian, andafter him in St. Cyprian, [who reckoned of Tertullian as his Mafter, infomuch as when he called for his Works, he was wont to fay, Da Magßrur, Peirce.] [Likewife in Bali, MSS. Baker.] " Sr. Cb7yfo/iome, Aufin, and others. " I alto confefs the Original of the Ceremony to " have fprung by Occafion [Reafon of, Baker] of " the Pagans, who reproach'd the Ancient Chri- s ftians, for believing in Chrift crucified, and [add, " MSS. Baker,] that in Popery it has been fuper- <' ftitioufly abufed : And I affirm, that it is in the " Church of England admitted and entertained " by us, and reftored to its ancient Integrity, all Superfiition abandoned." 6, Like-