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l tory of the Puritans, exasnzn'd ; it 6 6 Likewife I with, that if the King's Highnefs 66 fhall perfift to impofe it, all would fubmit [ them- " felves, MSS. Baker] to it (as we do) rather than forego the [their. MSS. Baker] Miniftry in that ;6 behalf. But I greatly fear, by the Report that I 66 hear, that very many learned Preachers, whofe 66 Confciences are not in our Cuftody , nor to be 6' difpofed of at our Devotion, [by our Direction. 66 MSS. Baker,] will not eafily be drawn there- " unto ; of which Number, if any fhall come in 66 my Walk, I delire to be furnifhed before-hand 66 by thofe that be prefent, with fufficient Reafons 66 to fatisfy them (if it be pollible) concerning 66 fame Points, which have been now delivered. 66 Firft, [of all. MSS. B. Peirce.] Whereas fun- dry 66 Paffages of Scripture have been alledged for 66 the Crofs ; as Godforbid that I fhonldrejoyce, fave 66 in the Crofs of Chrifl ; and divers others of the 66 like Senfe ; if any of the 'adverfe- Opinion fall 66 into my Company, and fay, that thefe Scrip- tures 66 [Scripture Speeches, MSS. B. Peirce] are 66 figurative, implying the Death of our Saviour 66 Chrift, [with the Effep7s andFruits thereof. MSS. 66 B. Peirce.) and to draw an Argument from 66 them, to juftify the Sign [Signet Crofs. MSS. B.] 66 of the Crofs in the Forehead, is an infufficient 6, kind of Reafoning, and a Fallacy : What An- 66 fwer fhall I make unto. them ? [/hall be made to 66 them, to perfrade them? MSS. B.] 66 Secondly, Whereas I have obferved upon pre- t6 fent Relation, that the Impugners of this Cere- " rnony, were heard at large in the Conference at 66 Hampton-Court, and having objeEfied theExam- " ple of Hezekiah, who broke in pieces the brazen 66 Serpent, after it had been abufed to Idolatry ; 66 and therefore [fo, MSS. B.] the Sign ofthe Cron, 66 which was not brought into the Church by God's 66 [Chri/l's, MSS. B] exprefs Command, as the bra- " zen Serpent was, but was from the beginning a 66 meer