Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

02 .¿lir.NEAL'sIId Vol. ofthe meer Invention of Men, ought now to be taken away, by reafon of the fuperilitious Abufe, cc which is fufrained in Popery ; they received An- " fwer, that King Hezekiah might have preferved it, abandoning the Abufe of it, if it had pleafed cc him; and confequently it is in the King's Majefly's ac power to abolifh this Ceremony, having been " ahufed, or to retain it in the manner aforefaid. t, Hereunto I fay, that I was one of the Conference, cc yet I was not at that part of the Conference, cc where [when. MSS... Peirce] thofe that flood for Reformation, had accefs to the King's Ma- 44 jefly's Prefence, and liberty to (peak for them- 'c felves, for that Iand [with. MSS. B.] fame other of my Brethren the Bithops werefecluded from that Day's AJfmbly ; but I fuppofe it to be true, [fo, MSS. B.] as it has been formerly reported. And et I for my own particular admit the Confequence " put down above. [in the Anfwer abavefaid, MSS. B.] Now [Howbeit, MSS. B.] I with all o- °6 thers abroad [to be, MSS. B.] as well fatisfied 46 herein as ourfelves that be here prefent ; if any of the contrary Opinion (hall come to me, and « fly, that the aforefaid Anfwer does not fatisfy them, becaufe they think there to be as great " Reafon now, to move them to becomePetitioners to his Majefly for abolifhing the Crofs in Bap tifm, as there was [then, MSS. B.] to move the Godly Zealous inHezekiah'sTime [Days, MSS.B.] 'C to be Petitioners for [the, MSS. B.] defacing the Brazen Serpent, becaufe the Churchgoing Paps now [living, MSS. B.] among us, do [as, MSS. B.] " fuperftitioufly abufe the one, as the Ifaelites did " the other ; what found Anfwer thall I make them " for their better Satisfadlion ?" Thirdly, "Whereas it has been this Day alledged, cc that it is convenient and neceflary to preferve the Memory of the Crofs of Chrift [end confequently, MSS,