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H/7oryoft, é Puritans, exami'n'd 33 " MSS. B. Peirce,] by this means (if haply any of " the other fide thall come to me, and fay, that " the Memory of the Crofs ofChrift might be fuf- ficiently, and more fafely [without Danger. MSS. B. Peirce,] preferved by the preaching the Doc- " trine of the Gofpel, the Sum whereof is Chrift " Crucified ; [in refpe&t whereof Saint Paul told the z4 Galatians, that jYefus Chrift was defcribed in their 64 Sight, and among them ; that is, was folemnly " preached amon(t them, as if his Lively had " beenfet before their Eyes, or as he had been crucified " among them. MSS. B.] which was fo lively i4 preached to the Galatians, as if his bodily " Image had been crucified among them, and yet ' we know not of any material or fignal Crofs that G4 was in ufe in the Church at that time ; I defire " to know what Satisfaction or Anfwer [ fatisfying " Anfwer. MSS. B.] mutt be given to them. " Moreover, I proteft,, that all my Speeches now G4 are utter'd by way of Propofition, not by way " of Oppofition, knot by way of ,Queftion. MSS. B.] -" and that they all tend to work Pacification in the G4 Church; [if it be poble, which I know to be v, ty " neceffary at this time.] For I put a great difference between what is lawful, and what is expedient, 44 [betwixt quid liceat, and quid expediat. MSS. B. Peirce,] and between them that are Schitinatical, 4 [and open Di/turbers of the State Ecclefiaßical Efa- " bljfh'el. MSS. B. Peirce,] and them that are fcru- " pulous only upon force Ceremonies, [and other 6G Circurflances, MSS. B. Peirce,] being otherwife è4 learned, ftuçlious, ;rave, and honeft Men. [wh,fe " Labours have been bothpainful in the Church, and i4 alfo profitable to their Congregations. MSS. B. 44 Peirce,"] " Concerning thefe !aft, [thefe Preachers laß men- " tioned, MSS. B. Peirce,]. I fuppofe, if upon the " Urging them_ to abfálute Subfcription, [and ufe of D " the