Grey - BX9329 G7 1736

34- Mr. NE AL'S IP Vol. of the " the Ceremonies, and Attire prefcribed, MSS. B. " Peirce,] they fhould be Riff, [/land out fl e" MSS. B. Peirce.] and choofe rather to forego " their Livings, and the Exercife of their Miniftry, though I do not juftify their doing herein, [their doings therein. MSS. B. Peirce,] yet furely their " Service will be miffed at fuch a time as need fhall " require us and them to give the right Hand of " Fellowfhip one to another; and goArm in Arm against the common Adverfary." [That fo there might be lis Unitafortiar. In whichCafe, of the want of theirjoint Labour with ours, there might arife Caufe offorce fuch doleful Complaint asfell out upon an Acci- dent of another Nature, in the Book ofJudges, where it is fail, For the Divvions of Reuben was great Thoughts of Heart, Judges 5. MSS. B. Peirce.] Likewife, confider who muft be Executioners " r of their Deprivation ? even we ourfelves the Bifhops, againft whom there will be a great Cla- " mour of them and their Dependants, and many " others who are well atleded towards them, " whereby our Perfons will be in hazard to be " brought into Extreme [Greats if not into Ex- " treme, MSS. B. Peirce,] hatred. [Whereof what Inconveniences may enfue, Ileave it to your Wifdom to be confidered. MSS. B. Peirce.] Alfo remember, that when the Benjamites " [Tho' for their jufl Deferts, maintained a bad Caufe, MSS. B. Peirce,] were all deftroy'd, fa- " wing fix Hundred, and the Men of frael fware " in their Fury, that none of them would give his Daughter to the Benjamites to Wife, though they fuffered for their juft Deferts, yet their Brethren " afterwards lamented, and Paid, [When their hot " Bloodwas over, they lamented, andfaid, MSS. B. " Peirce,] There is one Tribe cut off from Ifrael " this day, and they ufed all their Wits to the utmoft